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Hualien Taiwan

Lichuan Aquafarm Hualien, Taiwan, Day 5 (III)

Lichuan Aquafarm (立川漁場) is the only place in Taiwan that produces the golden clams (黃金蜆).   These fresh-water clams are considered a national treasure of Taiwan because they are high in nutritional value, and in particular, extremely beneficial for the liver.  The golden clams are results of advance technology whereby water quality, algae breeding and soil types are thoroughly researched. Continue reading

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Taipei Taiwan

Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine : Sky Turns Red Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan.

My friend Alice recommended this authentic Taiwanese restaurant which has no English name, so I am just going to translate it as “Sky Turns Red Restaurant” ( 紅翻天).  Alice insisted that the dishes are small, so she went on an order frenzy and ordered 14 dishes for the 4 of us!!!  Being gluttons like my friends and I, we managed to eat almost everything without too much left over.  We were totally stuffed.  But honestly, for 4 people, I think 8 dishes should be more than enough.

When we were at the restaurant, it was about 90% filled with people.  Yet the dishes came out as if the chef was only cooking for 2 tables of people.   Most of the dishes were between NTD 100 to NTD 150.  The steam boat dishes which we did not  order were NTD 400.  With the speedy service and unbeatable price, I  would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to get an authentic taste of Taiwanese cuisine.  (Take note that restaurant does not accept credit card, so bring enough cash along).

Here is what we ate:

Grilled Fish.  The fish was grilled until crisp on the outside yet juicy on the inside.  The fish had minimal seasoning of salt, with white pepper and lime on the side, but that was all the fish really needed.  A little more seasoning than that would hide the true freshness of the fish.

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