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Valentino Bridal Cafe @ Ipoh

Well known for their unique levitation pre-wedding photography, Valentino Bridal House has also ventured into cafe business.  Glamorous in seductive red and opulent black, the candle-lit cafe with its lovey dovey music in the background and the occasional live piano music will undoubtedly bring two hearts closer.  There aren’t a whole lot of items on the menu but food is exquisite with contemporary plating.  If you happen to be doing a bridal shoot there, visit the cafe afterwards and not before, or otherwise you won’t be able to “levitate” ! Continue reading

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Marini’s on 57 @ Petronas Tower 3

Dining at Marini’s on 57 is an iconic experience where you indulge in Italian food prepped by Chef Marini while the shimmer from the Petronas Towers shines upon you.  We were pampered right from the moment that we were received at the reception on the ground floor.  The crew ushered us to the elevator and a sense of mystery bestowed upon us when two elevator changes were involved along the way.    Continue reading

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Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Eating Korean barbecue may not be the same again at Palsaik KoreanBBQ  Restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara. “Palsaik” means “8 colors” in Korean and it focuses on color therapy whereby the nutritional values of food can be decoded by its color.  And indeed 8 flavors of pork belly are available, with 8 kinds of marinades representing 8 different colors. Palsaik’s menu is really simple with three sets to choose from:    Continue reading

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