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Taiwan Itinerary – Taipei & Hualien in 8 Days.

Taiwan Itinerary Photo
Taipei is the top destination to travel to Taiwan.  It is easy to go around in Taipei with the MRT, exploring the splendor of the city.  For a different kind of experience, it  is also worthwhile to travel Hualien, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The itinerary covers tourist attractions,  places to eat, accommodation in Taipei & Hualien and a pre-wedding photo shoot.

Day 1 – Arrival

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Pre Wedding Photography Taipei Taiwan

Pre Wedding Photography With Ivy Bridal, Taipei, Taiwan, Day 3

We reached Ivy Bridal at 8am in the morning.   We needed an early start as we had 6 locations to go, each with dresses and hair styles to change in between.  There are so many beautiful places in Taiwan I want to go for the photo shoot but I could only limit myself to 6 locations.

The first location we went for the shoot was Bopiliao Old Street (剝皮寮老街) in Wanhua District.
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