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Ketps Cafe @ Ipoh, Malaysia

Ketps is a cafe with almost 100 % emphasis on desserts and coffee.  In addition, the coffee served are a bit more “engaging” with DIY coffee art and 3D coffee art.  A lot of girls (and boys perhaps?) will be really excited to have a go at DIY coffee art and falling in love with the bubbly, foamy 3D characters.  The desserts are pretty-looking with some creativity, but I am not too into them in terms of flavor.   Continue reading

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Chokodok Reggae House Cafe @ Ipoh, Malaysia

Chokodok Reggae House Cafe & Backpackers  is an eye catching piece located on Hugh Low Street just opposite the police station.  The facade is painted with representative colors of green, yellow and red, also found in the cafe itself with images of the late, phenomenal Reggae singer Bob Marley.   It’s a halal cafe so it’s good news to our Muslim friends as a good number of cafes in Ipoh are pork free or non-halal.   Continue reading

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