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Beijing Itinerary – Best of Beijing

During our trip to Beijing, we visited some of Beijing’s most magnificent and iconic places. Beijing being the capital city where emperors and imperial families resided for the past 600 years, it is no surprise that everything in Beijing is grand and lavish.  Some of the attractions are so huge and involve lots of walking; we could only visit 2 attractions daily before calling it a day.  Here is our itinerary for Beijing.    Continue reading

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Jingshan Park @ Beijing China

The Jingshan Park (景山公園) is just across the road from Forbidden City as you exit the North Gate of the Divine Might (神午門).  The Pavilion of Royal Longevity (壽皇殿牌樓) that sits atop the hill is really worth the climb because it is a superb view-point that allows you to see all of Forbidden City under your eyes. You are most likely tired after exploring the enormous Forbidden City but bear with the tiredness and the view will be rewarding.   Continue reading

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Clocks & Watches Gallery @ Forbidden City, Beijing, China

The Clocks & Watches Gallery in the Forbidden City (故宮鐘錶館) houses more than 200 pieces of antique clocks from all over the world.  Clocks are western inventions which were first brought into China by a priest from Italy in 1601.  The emperors were extremely fascinated by the intricate details and intrigued by the way the clocks work.   Continue reading

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