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Four Seasons Korean Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Four Seasons Korean Restaurant at Solaris Mont Kiara is unlike many other Korean restaurants in the same area.  Instead of a typical Korean BBQ menu that one would expect to see, the restaurant offers unique meals using live fish kept in cold tanks.  The fish  is served raw or cooked, along with choices of premium items like live octopus, abalone and lobster.     Continue reading

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Vanity Haus Cafe @ Ipoh (Canning Garden)

Vanity Haus Cafe in Canning Garden Ipoh is run by a Dutch family who’s stayed in Ipoh for a long time.  The cafe is set in a midst of residential housing area that doesn’t stand out too much exteriorly but the delectable food is definitely worth a mention.  With “vanity” as its name, it actually sounds more like a beauty salon rather than a cafe – which is exactly the case – it’s a cafe cum salon/beauty house, and the full name is Vanity Haus Boutique Cafe & Spa Salon. Continue reading

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Wai Po Jia (The Grandma’s House) @ Hangzhou China

We totally pigged out at “Wai Po Jia”, or The Grandma’s House Restaurant (Hubin branch) in Hangzhou – appetizers, main dishes and desserts – we had everything. Wai Po Jia is a big chain restaurant in China with 40+ outlets in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and more, serving typical Hangzhou cuisine and some of their own creations.  The restaurant is very popular because food is good and at a bargain price too.   Continue reading

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Lu Family Restaurant @ Hangzhou, China

Lu family restaurant Hangzhou 3
Lu Family Restaurant(陸紀飯莊) is located just across from the popular Xihu Tiandi (西湖天地), serving traditional food of Hangzhou.  The dishes that we ordered – shrimps with Longjin tea leaves (龍井蝦仁), West Lake Fish With Vinegar Gravy(西湖醋魚), Dongpo Rou (braised pork 東坡肉,) and Sister Song’s Fish Soup (宋嫂魚羹 )are classics that you will find in any restaurant serving Hangzhou cuisine.   Continue reading

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Fish Viewing at Flower Port @ West Lake Hangzhou, China

Fish viewing flower pond Hangzhou 12
“Fish Viewing at Flower Port” is an insanely popular attraction being one of the Ten Classic Scenes of West Lake (花港觀魚, “huagan guanyu”).  The “Flower Port” is an enormous 4 acre park with peony gardens, bamboo paths and willow tress.  The Red Carp Pond   is the habitat of thousands of carps, glowing in gold and shimmering in orange.  While it is entertaining to watch the carps squeeze through each other, fighting for food; it is also pretty amusing to watch people adjust themselves, peeping over shoulders, standing on their toes, fighting for a view!      Continue reading

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Huang Fan Er @ Hangzhou China

Huang Fan Er @ Hangzhou 3
Huang Fan er (皇饭儿) literally means “emperor’s meal” in Chinese and it is an alternative name for Wang Run Xing Restaurant (王润兴).   Hangzhou is a favorite place for emperors throughout different dynasties.  It is far away from the emperor’s palace; it is full of picturesque sceneries and it was fun for the emperors to disguise as a commoner to visit Hangzhou.  Naturally, there would be a lot of stories related to the emperor in Hangzhou, including food!     Continue reading

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Malaysia Pangkor Island / Sitiawan Perak

Sitiawan Seafood @ Laut Villa Restaurant, Malaysia

sitiawan-seafood-laut-villa 4
We could not give awesome Sitiawan seafood a miss on our way back to Ipoh from Pangkor.  We drove along the main road on Kampung Cina amidst of so many seafood restaurants, we decided to give Laut Villa Restaurant a try.  And how did we come to that decision? Because there were loads of cars parked outside the restaurant compared to the others so we guessed this is probably the famous one around.   Continue reading

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