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Vanity Haus Cafe @ Ipoh (Canning Garden)

Vanity Haus Cafe in Canning Garden Ipoh is run by a Dutch family who’s stayed in Ipoh for a long time.  The cafe is set in a midst of residential housing area that doesn’t stand out too much exteriorly but the delectable food is definitely worth a mention.  With “vanity” as its name, it actually sounds more like a beauty salon rather than a cafe – which is exactly the case – it’s a cafe cum salon/beauty house, and the full name is Vanity Haus Boutique Cafe & Spa Salon. Continue reading

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Yaoji Chaogan (Fried Liver) @ Beijing China

Yaoji Chaogan (姚記炒肝) is a popular eatery in Beijing located near the drum tower.  “Chaogan” is a local snack food which literally means “fried liver” and the one from Yaoji is thought to be one of the best in Beijing.  Yaoji Chaogan has been around for more than 30 years and even Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States ate here too.  Amusingly, Mr Biden did not eat the signature fried liver dish and went for the black bean paste noodles instead!
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Luo Luo Hot Pot @ Beijing China

The Luo Luo Hot Pot Restaurant (貴州籮籮酸湯魚) on Ghost Street (Gui Jie 簋街) in Beijing serves steamboat with a sour soup base.  The dish is a traditional dish from the Miao Ethnicty (苗族) of Guizhou (貴州) located in the mountainous south-western region of China.  Neighboring places include Hunan and Sichuan.  I was really curious about Guizhou cuisine, plus the restaurant has a lot of accolades on its wall – like it was the Top Ten Potential Unique Cuisine in 2010 Bejing Food Year, so I decided to give it a try.   Continue reading

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