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Woong Kee Tau Fu Fah @ Ipoh (旺記祖傳豆腐花)

Woong Kee Tau Fu Fah in Ipoh (旺記祖傳豆腐花) is fast becoming Ipohans’ new favorite place.  The stall started off as a small stall in Bercham and has now expanded to a bigger store on Jalan Ali Pitchay (Off Jalan Yang Kalsom).  When it comes to weekends and public holidays, good luck, because you’ll need the patience to queue.  Continue reading

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Macau Food Festival

The annual Food Festival in Macau draws more crowd than ever, celebrating the diversity of food in Macau.  It gets even better than that because international restaurateurs are invited to participate in this event, presenting authentic flavors from their home countries.  Last year, it was restaurateurs from Thailand and this year, it’s restaurateurs from Kasai of Japan.       Continue reading

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15 Things to Eat in Bangkok Chinatown, Thailand

As always, Bangkok’s Chinatown is one of the best places to find good food.  Besides the uber affordable food, the most extraordinary part is you find gourmet ingredients such as bird’s nest and fish maw, prepped on a mobile cart by the roadside. Thanks to my bestie, Kat from SpoonSpatulaSaturday, we went on a gastronomic adventure and tried more things than we could stomach and still wished to try more.   You will be able to find most of the food featured in the post along the main road of Chinatown, Yawarat Road, except for No. 8, which is hidden in a small lane.    Continue reading

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Best of Food @ Ghost Street (Gui Jie), Beijing

“Gui Jie (簋街)” or “Ghost Street” is a popular food street in Beijing with more than 100 restaurants offering a plethora of cuisines from different parts of China, spanning across 2 subway stations of Dongzhimen and Beixinqiao.  So what does a food street has anything to do with ghosts?  During the Qing Dynasty, the gate at Dongzhimen was used for the transportation of corpses to outskirts of Beijing for burial. Naturally, Dongzhimen became a hub for mortary businesses.  With the coffins, blurred and dim lighting and shadows from the oil lamps back then, the eery street was dubbed as “Ghost Street”.   Continue reading

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Hou’s Wonton (Huntun Hou) @ Beijing China

Hou Wonton huntun @ Beijing 7
Hou’s Wonton Store is a time-honored store that has more than 100 years of history. Being a big fan of wontons (or wantan), I could not miss the chance to try wontons made with recipe from a 100 years ago.   Hou’s Wonton is just next to the famed Yaoji Chaogan (fried liver).  Unable to decide which one to dine in as we kind of wanted to try both, so we decided to split our dinner between Hou’s Wonton and Yaoji to get the best of both worlds.   Continue reading

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Zai Zai Crayfish @ Ghost Street, Beijing, China

“Mala” Crayfish is the signature dish on “Ghost Street” (Gui Jie 簋街) in Beijing.  Almost every restaurant that we pass by is selling this delicacy! Some of the restaurants even have three or branches on the same street.  We picked Zai Zai restaurant (簋街仔仔) because there is at least 8 branches of them along the street so I thought they gotta be good right?   Continue reading

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