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Macau Food Festival

The annual Food Festival in Macau draws more crowd than ever, celebrating the diversity of food in Macau.  It gets even better than that because international restaurateurs are invited to participate in this event, presenting authentic flavors from their home countries.  Last year, it was restaurateurs from Thailand and this year, it’s restaurateurs from Kasai of Japan.       Continue reading

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Duolun Cultural Street @ Shanghai, China

Duolun Cultural Street (多伦路名人街) is lined with rows of beautifully manicured trees that has exquisite fusion of architectural styles combining Chinese, South East Asian, European and Islamic influences all in one street.  It is quiet and does not have the busy vibe nor the crowd like the rest of Shanghai and it’s the ideal place for those that like to go off the beaten path. Statues of famous writers and activists such as Lu Xun and Mao Dun, are erected on this road not by coincidence as these were the people that resided on this street, or in the vicinity of Hongkou district where Duolun Street is situated.  Each statue has a placard that gives a brief explanation about the person.     Continue reading

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10 Places to Experience 10 Different Kinds of Shanghai

Shanghai is a city full of contrasts where the new and the old have their distinctive beauty, yet sometimes the two elements amalgamate, giving you a different taste of Shanghai . Having gone through its times of turmoil, not only through the warring period among the states within China itself, and also through the times when foreign powers took over Shanghai, such as the French, Japanese, Americans and the British, Shanghai has thrived and blossomed into one of China’s most important economic hubs. Today, Shanghai is the most populous city in the world with more than 24 million people, where locals, visitors and expats from all over the world live in this melting pot of cultures.    Continue reading

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Beijing Itinerary – Best of Beijing

During our trip to Beijing, we visited some of Beijing’s most magnificent and iconic places. Beijing being the capital city where emperors and imperial families resided for the past 600 years, it is no surprise that everything in Beijing is grand and lavish.  Some of the attractions are so huge and involve lots of walking; we could only visit 2 attractions daily before calling it a day.  Here is our itinerary for Beijing.    Continue reading

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Best of Food @ Ghost Street (Gui Jie), Beijing

“Gui Jie (簋街)” or “Ghost Street” is a popular food street in Beijing with more than 100 restaurants offering a plethora of cuisines from different parts of China, spanning across 2 subway stations of Dongzhimen and Beixinqiao.  So what does a food street has anything to do with ghosts?  During the Qing Dynasty, the gate at Dongzhimen was used for the transportation of corpses to outskirts of Beijing for burial. Naturally, Dongzhimen became a hub for mortary businesses.  With the coffins, blurred and dim lighting and shadows from the oil lamps back then, the eery street was dubbed as “Ghost Street”.   Continue reading

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