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Cristallo Di Luna @ Pacific Regency Hotel, Malaysia

Last week, Cristallo Di Luna in Pacific Regency Hotel Suites launched an all new menu, comprising of western classics with a Malaysian twist in some of the dishes.  The launch included a total of 18 delectable dishes and it was food galore time for me to try out what’s new and cooking, while enjoying the glimmering KL city at night from the 34 th floor.   Continue reading

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Tea Bones Cafe @ Ipoh (Hugh Low Street)

When I first drove past the Tea Bones Cafe on Hugh Low Street, I thought it was “T Bones” and immediately linked it to a steak house.  When I walked into the cafe, it was very oriental with a strong scent of Chinese herbs,  and obviously no sizzling steak is going to be served.  It was till I saw the menu with bak kut teh, drunken chicken, I realized it is “Tea Bones” and it is a literal translation from the two very crucial ingredients of tea  (“teh”) and bones (“kut”).  Continue reading

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Wai Po Jia (The Grandma’s House) @ Hangzhou China

We totally pigged out at “Wai Po Jia”, or The Grandma’s House Restaurant (Hubin branch) in Hangzhou – appetizers, main dishes and desserts – we had everything. Wai Po Jia is a big chain restaurant in China with 40+ outlets in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and more, serving typical Hangzhou cuisine and some of their own creations.  The restaurant is very popular because food is good and at a bargain price too.   Continue reading

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Cafe Cross-Legged @ Petaling Jaya @ Malaysia

cross-legged-cafe-petaling-jaya-pj 14
Cafe Cross-Legged in Kota Damansara, PJ, is a fusion cafe, serving original recipes with a twist and with a thought for the health conscious. Starting with my favorite dish, the smoke chicken rice is not your usual gingery, soy sauce Hainanese chicken rice, but it is succulent chicken breast smoked to tender with a uniqe woody taste topped with a dash of black pepper. The rice is a bit of a surprise as it is fluffy and fragrant with mixed herbs.

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