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How About Some Roquefort Cheese with Moet and Chandon for Dinner? @ Arles, France

DIY dinner @ Arles, France 1
We decided to do a simple meal with the king of cheeses – Roquefort, and one of the finest wines – Moet and Chandon.  How could we not enjoy them while we were in France, a country so diversified in its cheeses and wines? With cocktail prawns, smoked salmon, fresh carrots, ham and croissant, our simple meal was actually better than some of the meals which we ate in restaurants.   You can buy these ingredients readily from Monoprix or Carrefour.

Roquefort cheese is produced with the most stringent criteria – only milk from certain breeds of sheep can be used, and only specific caves in Southern France can be used for the ripening of Roquefort cheese.  While you are in Southern France, you might see Roquefort cheese quite frequently on the menu, so give it a try with a good wine, because these good cheeses and wines will cost you double when you go back home 🙂

DIY dinner @ Arles, France 2
Roquefort Cheese @ Arles France 2 Roquefort Cheese @ Arles France 1  Moet and Chandon @ Arles France

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