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Summer Palace 101 @ Beijing China


The Summer Palace (頤和園 Yihe Yuan) in Beijing is one magnificent compound that was once the royalties’ holiday place.  With an astonishing 720 acres of land, it is the world’s largest imperial landscape palace.  Back in 1750, when Emperor Qianlong built the Summer Palace for his mother as an act of filial piety, the palace was known as the Garden of Clear Ripples (清漪園 Qingqi Yuan).   Continue reading

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Fei Lai Feng @ Hangzhou China

Fei-Lai-Feng-Hangzhou 8
Fei Lai Feng (飞来峰) literally means “Peak Flown in From Afar” and was thought to have flown in from India in Chinese legend.  The peak is rather rocky with ancient grottoes featuring plenty of Buddhist stone carvings.  The peak is located right next to the Lingyin Temple (灵隐寺) and the two are some of the finest historical places in Hangzhou that have endured for more than 1000 years.    Continue reading

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