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St Stephen’s Basilica @ Budapest Hungary

I visited St Stephen’s Basilica on foot as it’s not too far away from Wombats Hostel where I was staying.  The church was named after Hungary’s first king, King Stephen and it took more than 50 years to build.  It was a beautiful day and the church seemed even more stunning with a dazzling blue sky as the backdrop.  The gilded interior too was opulent with red marbles and plenty of glimmering.     Continue reading

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Sekin Fisherman Village Hotel & Resort @ Sekinchan, Malaysia

**2015 Update on Sekin Fisherman Village Hotel & Resort  : I stayed here in 2014 and found everything average.  Not particularly wow, nor not particularly terrible; and not politically involved .  But I am receiving a lot of negative feedbacks in 2015 about the place (read comments below), please rethink your choices.**

Sekin Fisherman Village Hotel & Resort is one of the largest accommodation establishments in Sekinchan with the beach right behind the hotel.  With a theme of romantic white, the hotel rate is decent starting at RM 100 + and above, comparing to other hotels that are homestays or converted from commercial shoplots with rates from RM 50 and above.      Continue reading

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First World Hotel @ Genting Highlands, Malaysia

The First World Hotel has an impressive 6118 rooms, which makes it the world’s  largest hotel in the period of 2005 – 2007 and it is listed in the Guinness World Records.  If you are visiting Genting Highlands, there are high chances that you will be staying in this hotel because the other two hotels Genting Highlands and Maxims are reserved for high rollers.     Continue reading

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Flying Fox @ Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia

The Flying Fox at Bukit Tinggi is the longest trail in South East Asia, located in Colmar Tropicale’s Adventure Park.  I saw the advertisements for it as we were driving and just mentioned to Gary as-a-matter-of-factly “hey, there’s flying fox here !” Not knowing that my comment had ignited Gary’s childhood passion as a scout and he decided that we should have a go at it.     Continue reading

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