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Sinsuran Night Market @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Eating seafood at the Sinsuran Night Market @ Kota Kinabalu is a dream come true for seafood enthusiasts.  At this seafood paradise, you’ll find lobsters that are three times the size of my hand, luxury groupers that cost only a fraction of the price compared to West Malaysia, exuberant crustaceans and  fantastic grills to mention a few.   Continue reading

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Pingxi Line @ Taiwan – A Day with Sky Lanterns & Old Streets

The Pingxi Line (平溪支线) would be a familiar railway branch for those that are planning for the Pingxi Lantern Festival.  The Sky Lantern Festival is a highly anticipated annual even typically held during Chinese New year.  The bad thing is, that’s the time when the whole of Taiwan is on holiday and that’s one of the places where everyone wants to go. The good thing is, you could go to Shifen (十分), Pingxi (平溪) and Jingtong (菁桐) in the Continue reading

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Queena Lingerie & Pantyhose @ Ipoh

Queena Lingerie & Pantyhose in Ipoh Parade could possibly be Ipoh’s best kept secret (to shop –>  Did you know that most of the stocks, pantyhose, leggings and imported directly from Taiwan? The owner came to Malaysia from Taiwan some 20 years ago.  What started as a humble business thrived till today and the portfolio has also been expanded to accessories, clothing, lingerie and quilts (check out Queena Quilt Shop here).    Continue reading

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