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Suzhou Street @ Summer Palace, Beijing China

The Suzhou Street (蘇州街) in the Summer Palace (頤和園) was built to resemble the water towns in Suzhou with traditional shoplots along the (man-made) riverbank.  Back in the olden days, during the emperor’s visit to the Summer Palace, the street “opens for business” with eunuchs and maids from the imperial palace playing vendors to entertain the emperor.   Continue reading

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Trip to Great Wall of China @ Badaling

The Great Wall of China is such a magnificent sight where thousands of kilometers of endless wall span through different terrains on the northern China border. What’s even more incredible is that all was done by man power more than 2000 years ago. The earliest wall was built as early as 7th century BC though most of it that we see today was built during the Ming Dynasty (14th century).  We visited the Great Wall at Badaling as it is the closest one for us to get to from Beijing by train.   Continue reading

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Clocks & Watches Gallery @ Forbidden City, Beijing, China

The Clocks & Watches Gallery in the Forbidden City (故宮鐘錶館) houses more than 200 pieces of antique clocks from all over the world.  Clocks are western inventions which were first brought into China by a priest from Italy in 1601.  The emperors were extremely fascinated by the intricate details and intrigued by the way the clocks work.   Continue reading

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Fireflies @ Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

Kuala Selangor, a little town 60 – 90 minutes away from KL, it is mysterious and mesmerizing at night with the little twinkling bugs – the fireflies, or “kelip – kelip ” in Malay.  “Kelip-kelip” is such a cute name because “kelip” itself means to twinkle, and to “kelip” twice means firefly!  There are two places where you can check out these dazzling bugs – the Firefly Park at Kampung Kuantan and Firefly Resort at Kampung Bukit Belimbing.  Viewing is best on a moonless night.   Continue reading

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Hangzhou West Lake 101 – Best of West Lake

The West Lake (西湖, Xi Hu) in Hangzhou is an iconic landmark with beautiful gardens, temples and sceneries.  A World Unesco Heritage Site dubbed as “heaven on earth” in a popular Chinese saying.  It has awed many poets for centuries and it is also an exemplary where garden architects seek their inspirations from.   To truly appreciate the beauty of West Lake, you will have to be around it for a full year because the lake has different faces during the four seasons and during different times of the day.  The best of them has been selected to represent the West Lake, collectively known as The Ten Scenes of West lake (西湖十景), including

1.  Dawn on the Su Causeway in Spring  (蘇堤春曉)
Su Causeway West Lake
The Su Causeway Continue reading

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China Hangzhou

Three Pools Mirroring the Moon @ West Lake, Hangzhou China

On the West Lake, there are little islets where you can visit by boat.  The three adjoining islets with refreshing Chinese gardens and the three pagodas on the water form the attraction of “Three Pools Mirroring the Moon”.  When candles or lamps are placed within the pagoda, the light emits from the 5 holes on the pagoda.  With 3 pagodas, from afar it looks like 15 little moons shining on the lake.   Continue reading

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