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Food in Malaysia

Cameron Highlands
Boh Tea Plantation – for tea
Cameron Highlands Resort by YTL – breakfast
Kea Farm – for food shopping
Kwan Kee Charcoal Steamboat
Watercress Valley – healthy watercress dishes

Genting Highlands
Good Friends Restaurant – Hakka and Cantonese Cuisine.
Ming Ren Restaurant – Specialty Xin Jiang and Cantonese Cuisine.


9 Places to Drink Ipoh White Coffee
15 Iconic Ipoh Foods You Must Try in Ipoh
17 Ipoh Food Gems You Must Try in Ipoh 
34 Cafes to Visit in Ipoh
– A Guide for Cafe Lovers (published in 2014)
81 Cafes to Visit in Ipoh – A Guide for Cafe Lover (Published in 2015)
Hongji Ginger Tea

Ipoh – All Inn Cafe (for dessert)
Ipoh – Ami Domicile
Ipoh – Annie’s Dining & Music Cafe @ Bercham
Ipoh – Basileuo Salad @ Greentown
Ipoh – Beacon Point
Ipoh – Ben & Lynete Maison Patisserie Cafe
Ipoh – Ben’s Burger @ Ipoh Parade
Ipoh – Best Restaurant for doubled boiled soup (靓靓煲汤)
Ipoh – Black Ball Taiwanese Dessert @ Green Town
Ipoh – Bougainvillea City Cafe – plain to gourmet food by passionate chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu.
Ipoh – Bread Espresso Dessert Cafe (BED)
Ipoh – Browns Cafe
Ipoh – Cofferight Place Cafe
Ipoh – Buku Tiga Lima Cafe
Ipoh – Burps and Giggles – quirky place for tea
Ipoh – Cafe 1961
Ipoh – Cafe De Casalingo
Ipoh – Cafe de Eight @ Old Town
Ipoh – Cafe de Flore
Ipoh – Cafe Pronto @ Old Town
Ipoh – Chang Jiang White Coffee Cafe
Ipoh – Ching Han Guan Biscuits
Ipoh – Chokodok Reggae House Cafe
Ipoh – Classix 253
Ipoh – Coffee at 91
Ipoh – Coffee Tag @ Ipoh Garden South
Ipoh – Coffeeright Place @ Jalan Kampar
Ipoh – D Espresso Cafe @ Station 18
Ipoh – D Fusion Cafe @ Ipoh Garden East
Ipoh – El Negra Distro & Studio – cafe to experience Ipoh underneath you.
Ipoh – Espresso Lab (Ipoh Garden) – opulant liquored cakes.
Ipoh – Everyday Lifeshop Cafe
Ipoh – Ficca’s Cafe
Ipoh – Food & Desire
Ipoh – Foods Project Cafe
Ipoh – 42 Foodies Italian Restaurant
Ipoh – Fook Kee Pan Mee (福記板面@中華茶餐室)
Ipoh – Freinds Cafe
Ipoh – Gomok – (halal cafe)
Ipoh – Great Miner Chinese Restaurant (Kinta Riverfront Hotel)
Ipoh – Green Hill Sandwiches & Smoothies Bistro
Ipoh – Happy 8 Retreat Cafe – nice cafe to fall back in forest-like tranquility.
Ipoh – Hobo @ Gan Lee & Co – halal cafe with waffles and light meals.
Ipoh – Hung Wang (Teochew porridge and home-cooked food)
Ipoh – JJ Cafe -cute little cafe brimming with life and rainbows of colors.
Ipoh – Jose & Deli Eatery – contemporary cafe
Ipoh – Ketps Cafe
Ipoh – Khizanat Cafe
Ipoh-  Lameizi Steamboat Restaurant
Ipoj –  LC n LY Cafe @ Falim
Ipoh – Lim Kopi
Ipoh – Little Elephant Cafe
Ipoh – Mandarin Kitchen (唐人食坊)
Ipoh – Memoirs Cafe
Ipoh – Milk House Cafe
Ipoh – Missing Marbles – cafe with childs’ play theme.
Ipoh – Morsel Eatery
Ipoh – Mustard Sandwich House Cafe
Ipoh – Myth Eatery & Bar – in M Boutique Hotel
Ipoh – Nam Heong Food Counrt @ Soho Complex
Ipoh – O Cafe @ Canning Garden
Ipoh – Old Town White Coffee Siganature @ M Boutique Hotel – a boutique and deluxe version.
Ipoh – Oo’i & Comrades – cafe where you can get haircut and custom bikes too (Halal)
Ipoh – Patisserie Boutique Cafe – Parisian cafe with decadent pasta and cakes.
Ipoh – Peng Tau Restaurant @ Pasir Puteh
Ipoh – Petit Mary Patisserie
Ipoh – Plan B @ Old Town Area
Ipoh – Pink Elephant Thai Restaurant
Ipoh – Potpourri House Cafe (Behind Adonis Bridal, which is behind Heritage Hotel)
Ipoh – Pt Grande
Ipoh – Purple Cane Tea House
Ipoh – Purple Moon Valley
Ipoh – Rasa Lain
Ipoh – Ray of Hope Cafe
Ipoh – Romeo Cafe
Ipoh – Roquette Cafe – a service cafe for both constituents and coffee lovers .
Ipoh – Scenic Cafe – cafe with a kampung aura.
Ipoh – Something’s Brewing – stellar tea selections.
Ipoh – Stan & Brew Cafe
Ipoh – Sin Yoon Loong White Coffee @ Old Town
Ipoh – STG Boutique Cafe
Ipoh – STG Tea House Cafe
Ipoh – Tea & Tattle Cafe @ De Garden
Ipoh – The Sandwich – Calorie Reckoner
Ipoh – Tittle Tattle Houzz Cafe – good place for coffe. 
Ipoh – Thumb’s Cafe @ Greentown (Halal)
Ipoh – Tuck Kee Noodles
Ipoh – TWT Cafe
Ipoh – Valentino Bridal Cafe
Ipoh – Vanity Haus Cafe – hidden gem amidst the residential area in Canning Garden.
Ipoh – Vegan Life
Ipoh – Wantan Mee at Medan Selera Stadium (at night)
Ipoh – Woong Kee Tau Fu Fah (旺記祖傳豆腐花)
Ipoh – Wheel Noodle @ TSG
Ipoh – Yee Fatt Curry Noodles
Ipoh – Z Bakery Cafe
Ipoh – Zakka Loft.
Tanjung Tualang, Perak – Big Head Prawn at Sun Mee Fong Seafood Restaurant

KL – Cristallo di Luna @ Pacific Regency Hotel Suites
KL – FoodPanda Review
KL – Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee
KL – Rabbit Hole
KL – Sassorosso – Italian Fine Dining
KL Balakong – Restaurant Tian Xia
KL Balakong / Cheras – Tai Feng Taiwanese Steamboat
KL Bangsar – Melbourne Peking Duck
KL Bangsar – Kuriya Japanese Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
KL Bangsar – The Ming Room @ Bangsar Shopping Centre (Dim Sum)
KL Bangsar – The Point @ Damansara Heights
KL Brickfields- Woo Lan Chinese Restaurant
KL Bukit Bintang – Shanghai Restaurant @ JW Marriott Hotel (Dim Sum)
KL Chinatown – Soong Kee Beef Noodles
KL Chinatown – Lou You Kee Porrdige
KL Chinatown – Front Door Cafe
KL Chinatown – Merchant’s Lane Cafe
KL Dang Wangi – Pork Dishes at Yut Kee
KL Jalan Ipoh – Lao Ma Zi Restaurant
KL KLCC – Marini’s on 57
KL Kuchai Lama – Restaurant De Hunan
KL Kuchai Lama – Restaurant Goon Wah
KL Kuchai Lama – Restaurant Lu Ding Ji
KL Mid Valley – Magnum Cafe
KL Off Jalan Raja Laut – Ah Heng Food Corner
KL Old Klang Road – Le Pont Boulangerie
KL Offpeak Website Review
KL Pavilion – Morganfield’s
KL Segambut – Xan Ling Segambut Hometown Dishes
KL Shangri-La Hotel, Lemon Garden (breakfast)
KL Solaris Dutamas (Publika – Ante Kitchen & Bar
KL Solaris Dutamas (Publika)- Ben’s 
KL Solaris Dutamas (Publika) –Estilo Spanish Tapas & Grill Bar
KL Solaris Dutams (Publika) – S.Wine
KL Solaris Dutams (Publika) – Ichiban Boshi
KL Solaris Dutamas (Publika) – Hammam Bistro
KL Solaris Dutamas (Publuka) – Senya Izakaya
KL Solaris Dutamas (Publika) – Tsubohachi Hokkaido 
KL Solaris Mont Kiara – Bon Ga Korean Restaurant 
KL Solaris Mont Kiara – Departure Lounge
KL Solaris Mont Kiara – Lewis Gene Cafe
KL Solaris Mont Kiara – Four Seasons Korean Restaurant
KL Solaris Mont Kiara – Jeju Badang 
KL Solaris Mont Kiara – Little Korea
KL Solaris Mont Kiara – Ministry of Coffee
KL Solaris Mont Kiara – Ola Korean BBQ
KL Solaris Mont Kiara – Palsaik Korean BBQ
KL Solaris Mont Kiara – Sae Ma Eul Korean BBQ
KL Solaris Mont Kiara- Twins Korean Restaurant
KL Solaris Mont Kiara – Villa Ju Bakery Cafe
KL Sri Hartamas (Hartamas Mall) – Rakuzen
KL Sri Hartamas – Breadfruits Cafe
KL Sri Hartamas – Honey Creme Ice Cream
KL Sri Hartamas – Naughty Babe Dirty Duck
KL Sri Hartamas – Podgy & The Banker Cafe
KL – St Mary Place – Niu Taste
KL Taman Desa – Mai Thai Restaurant
KL TTDI – Chequers
KL TTDI – Showcase Cafe

Sungai Lembing
Top 10 Things to Eat in Sungai Lembing
Ah Ding’s Charcoal Roast Pork

Pangkor Island / Sitiawan
Sea View Hotel (on Pangkor)
Laut Villa Seafood Restaurant (in Sitaiwan)

Cintra Food Corner (for “bak chang”, or rice dumpling)
Coffee Atelier – Cafe 55

Klang – Peng Heong Hakka Paikut Pork Ribs Restaurant
Kota Damansara – Cafe Cross-Legged – ceased operation
Kota Damansara – 3 Bags Full
PJ Atria Mall – Manmaru Robatayaki
Putrajaya, Shangri-La Hotel – Palm Hill Cafe (for breakfast)
Sekinchan – Bagan Seafood
Sekinchan – Cha Po Tion Seafood
Sekinchan – Loong Hua Seafood
Seri Kembangan – Fook Hin Bak Kut Teh Restaurant
Sungai Buloh – Jeff Lee Kitchen
Shah Alam – Wood & Steel Cafe
Subang Jaya – Sao Nam Vietnamese Restaurant @ Empire Shopping Gallery
Subang Jaya @ SS 15 – Brewyard Coffee
Sunway – Garage 51
Sunway – Hello Kitty Cafe
Sunway – Lancelot Tea Guild
Sunway – Marhaba Yemeni Restaurant
The Curve – Johnny Rockets
Uptown Damansara – A Guide to 33 Cafes in Uptown Damansara
Uptown Damansara – Ecole P Cafe
Uptwon Damansara – Tea Press

Taiping / Kuala Sepetang
15 Best Things To Eat in Taiping
Kuala Sepetang Seafood @ Tepi Sungai 


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      hey! i lived in Penang for 5 years before moving back to Ipoh so I know all the good food and all the little cafes! But too bad I didn’t do any blogging back then so I missed the chance to write about all those yummy places when I was there 🙁 really awesome food there!

  1. Caryn Wan

    Thanks for sharing. Will be visiting Ipoh next month and will definitely try most of the coffee places.
    keep up the good work of sharing..

    Any good places is Kota Kinabalu?

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