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Hongji 4 in 1 Taiwan Ginger Tea

For those of you that have been to Taiwan, you would notice that Taiwanese are very health conscious and that if you visit the super market, a stunning array of beverages for overall well-being is available.  One of the most popular ones is the Taiwan Ginger Tea (台灣薑母茶).  You would see this pretty much everywhere; whether you are strolling about in Jiufen (九份), or catching a train at the Taipei MRT station.  Continue reading

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Open Rice App Review and 3 x RM100 Voucher Giveaway @ Malaysia

Many of us can’t live without our smart phones and apps these days.  You open the phone, there’s WhatsApp for communication, there’s Waze to get you to where you want, then there’s the Open Rice App to get you to what you want to eat [Do read further to see details of 3 x RM 100 Aeon Voucher Giveaway at the end of the post].   Continue reading

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10 Free Magazine Subscription Giveaways From Zinio


**Updated on 1st August 2013
Here are the Ten Lucky Winners !
1.  Cheryl Chiang Ke Jia
2.  Audrey Tan
3.  Helen Greenwood
4.  Tan Mee Teng
5.  Constance Ann
6.  Joniser Ooi
7.  Serg Iv
8.  Lim Chuen Teck
9. Winnie Lee
10. Jennie Chee

Please check out Zinio’s website to see which zinio magazine you would like to subscribe to! Cheers.

Good news for the readers of , Zinio is providing free magazine subscription giveaways for 10 WINNERS!

Zinio is the World’s Largest News Stand online – Stashing more than 5000 different kinds of magazines, in 33 different languages all in one place.  If you love reading, you will pretty much find all your interests here – travel, health, women, home, fashion, food and so much more.  All the magazines are at your fingertips as you can read them easily from iPad, iPhone, and any other mobile / PC devices.   Check out Zinio’s selection of magazines here    Continue reading

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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award



Few days ago, Gynjii from sent me a message to let me know that she has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thanks to Gynjii, who is really talented at a lot of things – crafty with DIY and  intriguing at photography!

15 years ago, I went on a trip with my mum and sister to a few places in USA, Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and by now I barely remember much about the trip.  I remembered going on a small plane ride over the Grand Canyon and puking after that because the plane was so shaky, Shamu the whale from Sea World, and hhmm hhmm hhmm, there’s a whole lot of details lost there.  I  started the blog about my travels so I can remember things 15 years down the road. My blog started from something personal, to something that can be inspirational to others, so I am super elated to be nominated for the award 🙂

The Rules for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

1. Display Award Logo on Blog

2. Link back to the person who gave you the award

3. State 7 Things About Yourself

4. Nominate 15 Other Bloggers for this Award and Link Back to Them

5. Notify those bloggers you have nominated.

Seven Things About Myself

1.  I’m a travel addict.

2.  I used to have a beagle named Rocky who somehow managed to escape our house and never made his way back.  I’ve miss him a lot ever since.

3.  I like to eat and drive at the same time.  I’ll grab a packet of chips or an ice cream when I pump gas at the gas station and I’ll have my little picnic in the car! But I’ve cut that down a bit because it’s kinda dangerous!

4.  My favorite drink on a Sunday morning is black coffee + milo.  When milo runs out, Horlicks will do.

5.  I love movies that have elements of time travel in them.  Back to the Future, Sliding Doors, Frequency, Harry Potter, Time Traveler’s Wife.

6.  I’m a bit superstitous at times and I don’t like leakage because that means my money is leaking out.

7.  I love cooking.

Now, drum rolls please!!!! Here are the blogs that I would like to nominate for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

1.  Island Traveler from
2.  Miranti from
3.  Skye Lee from
4. Alisa from
5. Kellie from
6. Alli from
7. Hellen from
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10. Sue from
11. Emily from
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That 60’s Fever – 10 Inspirations from The Sound of Music


The 60’s is a golden decade full of musical movies with timeless classics such as Mary Poppins, West Side Story, My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music.  The Sound of Music is one absolute classic that everyone must have seen it at some point of their lives.  The movie runs with a simple story line where Maria, the postulant (played by Julie Andrews) is sent away to govern Captain von Trapp’s  seven children.  She loves the children dearly, teaches them how to sing, and eventually develops a demure romance with Captain von Trapp (naturally).    Continue reading

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