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Vegan Life @ Ipoh

Vegan Life Restaurant in Ipoh Garden advocates for not just only vegetarian, but also healthy eating using less oil, less salt and less sugar.  The interior is literally green too and resonates with the ideology.  I was dumbfounded when I was looking through the menu because everything looks so good, so natural and I had a hard time choosing – should I take the mee hoon made with brown rice? Continue reading

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Cafe De Casalingo @ Ipoh

Cafe De Casalingo is a bit in the middle of nowhere.  If you are on the way to KL via the Simpang Pulai toll, the Cafe might be a good pit stop as it’s on the way.  Precisely that too, the cafe offers some of the most affordable dishes in town, with set lunches in the range of RM 14.90 – RM 16.90, inclusive of starter, main course and a drink.  In fact, nothing is over RM 20 here.

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Valentino Bridal Cafe @ Ipoh

Well known for their unique levitation pre-wedding photography, Valentino Bridal House has also ventured into cafe business.  Glamorous in seductive red and opulent black, the candle-lit cafe with its lovey dovey music in the background and the occasional live piano music will undoubtedly bring two hearts closer.  There aren’t a whole lot of items on the menu but food is exquisite with contemporary plating.  If you happen to be doing a bridal shoot there, visit the cafe afterwards and not before, or otherwise you won’t be able to “levitate” ! Continue reading

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