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Double Boiled Soup @ Best Restaurant Ipoh (靓靓煲汤)

Ipoh Malaysia

best restaurant ipoh 靓靓煲汤 12
The Best Restaurant (靓靓煲汤) in Ipoh specializes in double-boiled soup.  While it has an ambitious name, I think it does have a multitude of choices of double boiled soups.  Ranging from the opulent “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” (佛跳墙) , the exquisite abalone & shark-fin soup, mid-ranged herbal soups and the every-day soups like old cucumber soup and lotus soup.   All the soups are prepared with specific ingredients for specific health benefits,  such as anti aging, or for the well being of the heart.   Continue reading

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Tanjung Tualang Prawn @Restaurant Sun Mee Fong, Malaysia

Batu Gajah Malaysia Perak

When one goes to Tanjung Tualang (about 45 minutes drive from Ipoh), the delicacy to eat there is definitely the big head prawns.  We ate at Restaurant Sun Mee Fong (新美芳海鮮樓) which looks like a new restaurant, but it’s an established seafood restaurant that’s been around for the past 20 years and has just been rebuilt.  Continue reading

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