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Hongji 4 in 1 Taiwan Ginger Tea

For those of you that have been to Taiwan, you would notice that Taiwanese are very health conscious and that if you visit the super market, a stunning array of beverages for overall well-being is available.  One of the most popular ones is the Taiwan Ginger Tea (台灣薑母茶).  You would see this pretty much everywhere; whether you are strolling about in Jiufen (九份), or catching a train at the Taipei MRT station.  Continue reading

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Made in Penang Interactive 3D Museum @ Malaysia

The Made in Penang Interactive 3D Museum is more than the sheer fun of posing with trick art or 3D murals.  With all the artworks done by Penang artists (and hence the name), the museum has combined fun, culture and history of Penang into intriguing displays that allows you to have a quick and easy understanding of Penang.  Essentially, it’s Penang in a nutshell, where you explore 5 different sections of the museum including   1.  Great Wall of Penang, 2.  Miniature Local Trades, 3.  Miniature Weld Quay, 4.  Trick Art Gallery and 5.  Interactive Theater.  (P.S. Recommend your “must-go” places or “must-eat” foods on Millennium Hotels and Resorts Asia’s “Travel Inspired: The Local’s City Map –>” to get a 35% discount on hotel bookings and win attractive prizes! ) Continue reading

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Good Hope Hotel @ Penang, Malaysia

Malaysia Penang

Good Hope Inn @ Penang Malaysia 1
We crashed at Good Hope Hotel along Kelawei Road for a night in Penang.  we really just needed a place to sleep and go as we arrived Penang late in the evening, and were off the next morning.  I am extremely familiar with the area because it’s just across the road from my old house.  I used to see the pleasant, warm yellow building every day and always wondered how the rooms were like. Continue reading

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