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13 Days Germany Itinerary – Frankfurt, Munich, Berchtesgaden, Nuremberg & Rothenberg

What comes to mind when you think of Germany ?  World-famous car manufacturers ? WWII History ? or German beer and sausages ? These are the things I think of before I had the chance to visit Germany.  Out of my 34 days in Europe, 13 days were spent in Germany, which allowed me to travel deep, and see a lot more than that.  From magnificent castles to fairytale towns to pristine countryside sceneries, it was a trip to be remembered for a lifetime.   Continue reading

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BMW Welt & Museum @ Munich, Germany

The BMW Welt, BMW Plant and BMW Museum are all located in the same vicinity in Munich.  I am not a car fan, but visiting the plant of one of the world’s top car manufacturers would have been totally fascinating – only if it ever came true.  The plant tour needs to be booked, way way way ahead.  I tried booking 3 months ahead, and for all the four days I was in Munich, there were no slots available.  The next best thing I could do was to visit the BMW Welt and the BMW Museum.      Continue reading

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Weisse Brauhaus @ Munich Germany

Weisse Brauhaus on  Maderbréiustralle (Mader-brewery street) has history that dates back to 1540, where a brewery was thought to be situated at Weisse Brauhaus’ present location.  It was first in the hands of the Mader-brewer family from the 16th to 18th century and after a few transitions it eventually landed in the hands of of the Schneider family.  The Schneider family excelled at brewing and was granted the”Weissbierprivileg” by King Ludwig II – the rights to brew wheat beer.        Continue reading

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Viktualienmarkt @ Munich, Germany

Viktualienmarkt of Munich is located in Marienplatz, in the same vicinity as the Rathaus-Glockenspiel.  If you are catching the 11 am glockenspiel show, it would be a good idea to check out Viktualienmarkt or have lunch there afterwards – something we didn’t do as we came back to it for dinner since it was a 10 minutes walk from our hotel; only to find that most of the stores were already closed.     Continue reading

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Allianz Arena Tour @ Munich, Germany

Visiting the Allianz Arena would not have been in my itinerary if it was not for Gary’s suggestion; him being a big fan of Bayern Munich Football Team.  There are two ways of visiting the arena, one is by buying a ticket and watch a football match which is almost impossible because every single game is sold old months in advance not to mention that they are pricey, so we were left with the other option of taking the guided Arena tour ( 10 Euros per person).

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