KJ is the author behind the blog alwaystravelicious.com.  Originally from Taiwan, she is an avid traveller who has travelled to more than 20 countries.  Her current base is in Malaysia and Indonesia.  She loves to experience different cultures, meet new friends, and taste all sorts of gourmet cuisine and street food around the world.


  1. mariongodefroid

    Hi KJ ! Thanks for liking my post today. Your blog is really cool and I am glad to see you are crazy about travelling as I am the same ! I will regularly check what is going on in your world see if I find ideas for my future trips. I have never been to Asia and this one would be one of my next big trips as oon as I find time to take days off and make the most of it. All the best,


    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com

      Hi Marion~ Your welcome. I think your blog has some interesting stuff there ~ I am the opposite of you as I want to see more of your world ! Anymore, look forward to more posts from you.

      1. mayeu45

        Thanks for your note ! If you have any questions about Europe or places to visit, let me know. ( I am an expert on France, as I am French and pretty good in UK !)

        1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com

          that’s good to know! I will keep that in mind. I was just in France last year though so probably going to be a while before I get to visit europe again 🙁

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com

      Thanks Gynjii!! Feel quite honored to be nominated for this award !! Be back with my Very Inspiring Blogger Award post soon 🙂

  2. annetbell

    I look forward to learning about the places you have visited…all but France, I haven’t seen! Will learn a lot , I am sure…..Namaste. . . .Anne

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com

      Glad you enjoyed your time!! Good thing you were here in May, you would have been caught in aweful haze if you were here in June! Thanks for visiting and I admire your ambition with 192 countries!

  3. Mickey

    Hello~may i knw whr is this reastaurant located?
    I wish to go thr and have a visit~
    Is really attractive~
    pls let me knw asap~
    thx so muc~:)

  4. Cat

    Love your blog! I am Taiwanese who used to live in Penang, Malaysia. It is a beautiful country. I love how it is always summer there 🙂

  5. MySpicuKitchen

    Hi KJ,

    I came across your blog in wordpress support groups as I was searching for a feature for a new theme I am interested in for my blog. It so happens that you are using the same theme, HarmonUX Core that I am interested in. I did not know how to get in touch with you and hence leaving a comment.

    I want a summary of my posts on my homepage and not the full post displayed. I see you have only a summary and continue to read for the full post. How did you manage to get the “continue reading” link? I know I can edit every post to add option in individual post but was wondering if you used some code to do it automatically. I have 400+ posts and editing all the posts is going to be a cumbersome task. Thanks in advance.

    Btw, you have a nice travelogue here.

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com Post author

      Hi there. I have zero knowledge on coding so I did it the old fashioned way by inserting the “read more tag” into every post. I did that at a very early stage of blogging so it wasn’t too cumbersome.

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com Post author

      Hehe Ad. I have been to Sabah already ! But I didnt venture too much into food when I was there. There’s always a next time 🙂

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