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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

Ipoh continues to surprise me with its awesome food.  Yin Fei Kee (源暉記小食館) may seem like your typical “ju char” place, but once you’ve tried their dishes, seafood dishes in particular, you will be hooked ! The chef of the restaurant has been running the restaurant for more than 40 years, and a lot of things he still insists on doing the old way, like frying his own “ju yau cha” (pork lard), planting his own curry leaves and salting duck eggs in specific ways. 

The salted egg crab is my favorite among all the dishes.  The amount of salted egg yolk that was given was so generous ! The salted egg yolk was minced by hand for extra texture and the flavor was so intense, as opposed to sometimes the flavor of the salted egg yolk could be diluted by too much milk. (RM 13/100g).


For oyster lovers, you have to try their “oh chien” (oyster omelette).  I was delighted to see the big, fat oyster as each of them was almost as big as my spoon (RM 19) ! If you just want oysters alone, you could get freshly shucked oysters here as well.

Typically I am not a big fan of razor clams as most of the time they taste bland.  Not at Yin Fei Kee as they use fresh razor clams.  The clams were amazingly juicy, and of course with the kam heong sauce and home-grown curry leaves, the dish is perfect to eat with rice (RM 19).

From the “ju yau char dai loke meen” (pork lard noodles) , it is evident that the the pork lard is house-made as the pork lard pieces were so chunky.  The taste ? anything with pork lard gets two thumbs up from me, not to mention that the noodles were topped with fresh, crunchy prawns (RM7).

The big bowl “wat tan hor” has a substantial amount of seafood and it is THE dish for instagram.  The dish is one size, and the proportion of hor fun and seafood will be adjusted according to the number of pax (RM 39).  Don’t forgot to drizzle some black vinegar while you are at it !


Lastly, Yin Fei Kee has an unusual vegetable dish – “ice vege” with sesame dressing and bacon.  You hardly see this vegetable in any restaurants.  If you look at it closely, it has tiny little water droplets on its leaves, making it extremely succulent.  Go for the bacon for that extra tad of pokilicious flavor (RM 25); a bacon-less version is also available for RM 20.

Yin Fei Kee has an open kitchen for you to see what’s going on inside.  The restaurant’s usual seating area is downstairs.  The upstairs section is open for small groups (about 5-6 tables) if you wish to hold any private functions.

More Info

Yin Fei Kee (源暉記小食館)
Tel : +60125086639

Address : No 2 Jalan Leong Sin nam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Opening Hours : Daily from 6.30pm.  The restaurant is closed for 1 day every two weeks. 
Chinese New Year Hours : They are closed from CNY eve until the 3rd day of CNY, they reopen on the 4th day of CNY.

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