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When it comes to traditional biscuits or pastry in Ipoh, Guan Heong’s name would definitely come to mind.  They’ve been around for a 100 years and it’s great that they are continuing to innovate. Their latest addition to the pastry collection is the “Thousand Layer Pastry” (千層酥), which comes in 4 flavors (RM 6.80 per piece) :

1. Yam + Yolk
2. Yam + Mochi
3. Green Tea Mochi
4. Sesame Mochi

These new pastries are available in store or you could purchase them from their website at as well.

My personal favorite is definitely the Yam + Yolk , for very obvious reasons because anything with salted egg yolk is just to-die-for.

For the yam used in these pastries, you might notice that the texture is so creamy that it almost melts in your mouth.  The secret to the texture is not due to the way it’s prepared, because for certain types of yam, no matter how long you cook it, it still tastes somewhat fibrous.  The secret is due to the type of yam used.  The yam is carefully selected, using imported yam from Taiwan, so don’t play play oh ~ And you might just get the impression that you are eating some street food from Taiwan !

For matcha lovers, definitely go for the green tea mochi flavor, because the combination of macha crust, smooth red bean paste and mochi is an irresistable combination !

For flavors that are more traditional, the Sesame Mochi with mochi would be the one for you.

Since the Moon Cake Festival is just round the corner, Guan Heong has a good selection of moon cakes as well ! I am going to start with the cutest moon cake – the piggie mooncake that comes in a little basket.    The piggi mooncakes have great details where you could see the nose and the tail ! It’s a bit difficult to find piggie mooncakes these days as they are quite troublesome to make so grab them while you can !

For the signature mooncake, be sure to try their unique “bak kua” mooncake, which is scrumptious with that additional sweetness and smoky flavor from the bak kua.  These mooncakes come with or without yolk, and no prizes for you if you made the right guess for my preference ! (RM 15 without yolk, RM 16 with yolk).

If you are just looking for some classic mooncakes, Guan Heong has them as well, like the Shanghai Moocake, Five Mixed Nut Mooncake, Lotus Mooncake, Teo Cheow Mooncake; these mooncakes range from RM 8.50 – RM 19.  And did I tell you that they have the “Emperor Mooncake” which comes with 7 egg yolks at RM 87 ? I haven’t had the chance to try this but I think I would be in yolk-phoria if I ever had the chance to !


ps: If you looking at what other types of biscuits Guan Heong has to offer. see this post here for Guan Heong’s Traditional Biscuits , such as the meat floss biscuits.

More Information :

Tel: 05-2412399
WhatsApp: +6010-2262657
Facebook : 源香 Guan Heong Biscuit Shop
Website :
Address : 160 Jalan Sultan Iskandar , 30000 Ipoh , Perak.
Opening hours : Daily 9am – 7pm


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