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It is all about rice noodles (a.k.a “mi xian” (米線)) at Little Meet Fresh in Ipoh. The noodles are a specialty from Yunan Province in China, known for their smooth texture.  The noodle outlet has been around for a few months and already they are winning the hearts of Ipohans.  You’ll find the restaurant packed during lunch and dinner hours, but don’t worry, service is fast and prompt. 

The noodles are made of very simple ingredients of just rice and water, yet they go through more than 10 preparation steps to become the way they are.  The broth that’s used at Little Meet Fresh is made by simmering anchovies, pork bones, and fish bones for more than 8 hours, resulting in a broth full of umami.  Furthermore, the broth has just the right amount of shao xing wine so it’s just enough to enhance the  flavors of the broth without becoming too bitter.

The noodles come with a good selection of ingredients – such as pork slices, fish paste, fish slices, prawns, pork balls, premium beef slices, beef balls and vegetables.  Little Meet Fresh has already put the best combinations in the menu and there’s always an option if you wanted to add more toppings.

For the indecisive ones, go for the most popular combination which comes with pork belly slices, home-made fish paste, minced meat cake and vegetables (RM 9.30).

If you love clams (“lala”), don’t miss out the clam noodles because the umami-ness is simply doubled ! Double umami, double joy !

For a seafood extravanganza,  go for the “Sea Food Platter” with a hint of ginger flavor.  The impressive bowl of “mi-xian” consists of fish paste, fish slices and fresh prawns.

For chilli lovers that would like an extra oomph in the soup, there’s an option to add extra chilli to spice up things more for you !

While “mi xian” is the noodle that you should try when you are visiting Little Meet Fresh, other types of noodles such as bee hoon and yellow noodles are also available.  The portion at Little Meet Fresh is of decent size but if you are looking for something extra to nibble on, there’s side dishes like acar, dumplings, fish cake and pork balls to satisfy that craving.

Little Meet Fresh’s interior is simple, no fuss and with a vintage vibe.  If you can read Chinese, check out the decorations on the wall as it’s quite humorous !

More Info
Facebook : Little Meet Fresh Ipoh
Tel : 010-7707907
Address : 17 Jalan Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak (on the same row as Restaurant 1919).
Opening Hours : 11am – 8.30pm. Closed on Tuesdays



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