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Ipoh Malaysia

If you are looking for traditional biscuits in Ipoh, Guan Heong Biscuits on Hugh Low Street is the place to go.  Being the oldest confectionary store in Ipoh,  the shop that’s been established in 1918 is exactly 100 years old this year.  The secret recipes that’s been used to whip up delectable treats have been passed down four generations and still going strong. Guan Heong is also among the the Top 50 World Street Food, a prestigious recognition as only 6 outlets in Malaysia made it to this list. 

Guan Heong’s most popular biscuits are the meat floss biscuit series.  The series has three variations – Meat Floss Biscuit, Meat Floss Biscuit with Salted Egg Yolk and Bak Kua Biscuits.  

The meat floss biscuit has just three basic components – the crunchy crust, pandan lotus paste and meat floss.  The simplicity brings out the best of the ingredients, balancing the sweet from the pandan lotus paste and the savory from the meat floss.

The salted egg yolk version of meat floss biscuits are upped another level with extra creaminess and that unmistakeable sandy texture.  Please be warned as they are extremely addictive ! 

Don’t miss out the yummy “bak kwa” version where succulent and juicy “bak kwa” is used instead of the meat floss. 

The biscuits come in convenient combos, in a box of 6 (2 pieces of each flavor, RM 16.40 per box), or a box of 9 (3 pieces of each flavor, RM 24.60 per box). The packaging is  pretty nice too whether you are buying for yourself or giving to friends and relatives as a gift.  

Besides traditional biscuits, Guan Heong has also developed new recipes, such as the east-meets-west Macadamia Nut Biscuit (a.k.a Hawaiian Biscuit), a marriage of traditional skills with western ingredients like butter and macadamia (RM 25 for a box of 5 pieces).

Of course Guan Heong has a lot more biscuits than the ones mentioned above.  After all, the entire shop is filled with all sorts of biscuits ! There’s the flaky “tau sar peng”, “heong peng”, bamboo charcoal “heong peng”,  “wife biscuit”, sesame biscuits, coconut biscuit, peanut biscuit and so much more ! The shop can pretty much be your one-stop shop for your biscuit shopping in Ipoh !

Not coming to Ipoh any time soon ? Fret not, Guan Heong has an online store http://www.guanheong.com/ and all you need to do is click your fingers and the biscuits will be delivered right to your doorsteps !

More Info 

Tel: 05-2412399
WhatsApp: +6010-2262657
Facebook : 源香 Guan Heong Biscuit Shop
Website : http://www.guanheong.com
Address : 160 Jalan Sultan Iskandar , 30000 Ipoh , Perak.
Opening hours : Daily 9am – 7pm

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      no need. You can buy on the spot. Best to go early (before 11 am) if you are buying on a public holiday.

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