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I’ve taken countless of photos during the many years of my travelling.  For the first few years it was fine just saving them in hard disks and laptops.  The one fine day, I was looking back for some photos, I realised that some photos were missing, probably because the connection from the SD card to the laptop wasn’t too good.  Then another fine day, I lost the entire SD card, luckily the card was still fairly new so I didn’t have too many photos there.  I think many people can relate to the heartache of losing photos ! So from then onwards, I started making photobooks because I am paranoid about losing my photos.

Here are some of the ones I’ve already made for Japan, France and New Zealand.  Trust me, seeing your photos as hardcopies are so much better than seeing them on the laptop; and there’s a sense of achievement too when you receive the book.

The process of making a photobook is super easy.  Here are some simple guidelines to how to make a photobook. To start, choose your photos, edit them if you need to and put them into a separate folder.  It’s easier this way so you can upload everything from one folder, instead of choosing 150 photos from 700 photos. ( I chose about 170 photos and I ended up using 52 pages for the Medium Landcape 8.5″ x 11″ photobook).

There are many photobook websites which you can use.  I just made another book for my Australia trip by using ShopBack, as I can get some cash back from it, and they have exclusive discounts, sometimes even better than photobook’s official website (60% vs 50%).  On top of that, they give existing customers another 6% cashback, and new customers another 12% cashback, good deal right?.

Once your have chosen you photos,

  1.  Go to the app or website.  If you use the app version, Photobook will send you an email to start your photobook,  your cashback is tracked as long as you key in the exclusive code when you check out.
  2. Find Photobook on the website or app, find the deal that you want, and click “Get Deal”.
    (on a side note, the 8″x6″ small landscape is only RM 10 until 31st of March ! Too bad I am a big fan of the Medium Landscape and not the Small Landscape. Here are other Photobook deals you can check out).
  3. Choose your photobook by the design.  You can click into every book and preview the design in terms of background colors and the photo grids.  I chose “Stay Wild” as it’s simple, chic and it matches with my adventures in Australia !

4.  Choose the size and the type of cover.  I’ve tried the following sizes :
Medium Landscape 11″x 8.5″
Medium Portrait 8.5″ x 11″
Small Landscape 8″x6″ ,

and found that the medium landscape works well for me (the same size as the ones I’ve used for Japan and New Zealand).

For Booktype, be careful of your choices as the “Layflat Imagewrap” or the “Layflat Debossed” are around RM 50 more than the standard Imagewrap and Debossed.

5. Upload your photos.

6. Start Designing your book and have fun !

7. When you check out, remember to enter the discount code as it makes a huge difference.  The original price for my book was RM287.40, and after the discount it was RM 121.86.  And from the RM 121.86, RM 6.15 was credited back into my account.

Other than photobook discounts, there are also Agoda coupons and AirAsiaGo discounts to look for when you travel.

Here are some tips to designing your photobook, using photobook’s tool bar.

  1.  The “Layout” allows you to set the page layouts, choosing from the options they have.  This is much easier than “Adding Picture Box” one by one.
  2. Background – allows you to play with background by choosing colors and designs.  I’ve learned from the past instead of changing backgrounds, (I used to like colorful backgrounds, changing pages to blue, yellow, etc), just leaving it to the default background is the easiest option and you don’t have to crack your head trying to match the colors to complete the design.
  3. Scrapbook – They are kind of like a collection of “stickers” that you can use to decorate to every page.  I used to “decorate” a lot with these stickers, but the look is not as time-tested with so many decorations.  Now I am just using the defaults “stickers” that are already there in the photobook so I don’t over do it.
  4. Add Picture Box – I used to use this a lot because I wanted to design my own photo grids on the page, but it was very time consuming if I had to add 170 picture boxes ! So now I mostly just use the default picture grids that come with the book design.  I only sometimes use it now, for example, when the default grids has two portrait picture box, but I only want one landscape (or square) picture box.
  5. Autofill – very important if you want to have a book in 10 minutes ! If you are too lazy to choose which photos to put into which picture box, just click this button, and all the photos will automatically upload to the picture boxes available, and ta da, you have a photobook in 10 minutes !

Anyway, have fun making the book ! I hope everyone already has a travel bucket list planned ahead,  happy travels everyone, travel more, make memories (and photobooks ! lol)!


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