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I am back in Ipoh for a few weeks and at a friend’s suggestions we decided to go and try Facey Noodle House’s pan mee ( 辣一辣怡保馳名辣椒板麵), which is particularly known for its chilli pan mee.  I’ve tried a few places in Ipoh for chilli pan mee before but I haven’t really found anything remarkable.  

That perception all changed we we tried Facey Noodle House’s chilli pan mee.  The ingredients in the noodles are very simple but all done to perfection – the deep fried anchovies are crisp; the minced pork is marinated well; and the chilli has a hint of umami from the dried shrimps.  Mixing up the noodles is the best part, poking through the poached egg and watching the egg yolk ooze. If the level of spiciness is not enough for you, simply add in a few more spoons of chilli placed on every table.  Be careful there, because you might become addicted with the chilli pan mee !

While there is the traditional soup and dry pan mee, Facey Noodle House is adventurous in creating unconventional pan mee, such as the Japanese CEO Pan Mee and the Korean Kim Chee Pan Mee.  The Japanese CEO Pan Mee is similar to Japanese ramen, using ingredients such as chashu, minced pork, egg, wood-ear and miso-based broth, but only much more value for money as it’s only for about half the price of Japanese ramen.

The Kimchi Pan Mee comes with poached egg and fried pork nugget.   The broth is pleasantly spicy with a tad of sourness from the house-made kimchi.  The bowl of noodle is as good as kimchi chigae (kimchi soup) being served in Korean restaurants so do go for this if you are a Korean-food-lover !

Besides being a pan mee expert, Facey Noodle House also offers side dishes such as Thai-style paku pakis salad, meat balls , fried dumplings, red oil dumpling, fried fish cake and Japanese wakame.  Try the sweet & sour paku pakis salad , which is not only appetising, but also refreshingly cold.

Price wise, everything is mostly kept at a below RM 7 .  In case you have not heard, hawker food prices have been going up in Ipoh, especially for  places like Ipoh old town.   In comparison, Facey Noodle House offers good value with generous portions so definitely come here for a noodelicious feast !

Facey Noole House is located in Greentown Business Center, directly opposite from Maxis Office.

More Information
Facebook : 辣一辣, 怡保馳名辣椒板面 aka Facey Noodle House
Address : 25, Psrn Greentown 7 , Greentown Business Center, Ipoh, Perak 30450
Tel : 010-770 7907
Opening Hours : 8.30 am – 5 pm.
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