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For those of you that have been to Taiwan, you would notice that Taiwanese are very health conscious and that if you visit the super market, a stunning array of beverages for overall well-being is available.  One of the most popular ones is the Taiwan Ginger Tea (台灣薑母茶).  You would see this pretty much everywhere; whether you are strolling about in Jiufen (九份), or catching a train at the Taipei MRT station. 

One of the oldest ginger tea brand in Taiwan is Hongji (洪記薑母茶).  Honji has been making Taiwan ginger tea for the past 20 years  and now we are fortunate to be able to buy this directly from Malaysia, from queena.com.my !



Honji Taiwan Ginger Tea comes in a packet of 600g which should be the biggest packing available in Malaysia (others are typically packed at 400 – 500g), and the 4 in 1 “superfood” ingredients consist of ginger, red dates, black sugar and dried longan. Each packet has 15 individually packed cubes (You may purchase here –> http://www.queena.com.my/hongji-taiwan-ginger-tea at  RM 39, or a package price at 2 for RM 70 here –> http://www.queena.com.my/2pack-hongji-ginger-tea).


Well-known Singapore singer Kit Chen is also drinking Hongji Taiwan Ginger Tea to maintain her overall well being !


Ginger Tea is popular in Taiwan for many reasons – such as to help improve body types that tend to have cold feet and cold hands, to keep warm when your office is freezing cold with air con on full blast, and most importantly,  ginger tea is typically drank during every women’s most uncomfortable time of the moth – the menstruation period to help ease discomfort.

The first time I drank it, I was on first day of period, which is always always my most terrible day every month.  The pain sets a fine line between taking sick leave and going to work.  Most of the time, I’ll drag myself to work, but the whole day I’ll be pale, lethargic and grumpy because of the pain.

I followed the instruction and used 400 ml of water, which was too much for a standard mug so I cooked it in a small pot.  Not too much stirring was needed because the cube dissolved very quickly. The 400ml of Taiwan Ginger Tea was enough to fill up 3 small tea cups. dsc_4897taiwan-ginger-tea

When I sipped Hongji Taiwan Ginger Tea, the ginger’s intense flavor took me by surprise because I really didn’t expect too much from a tiny little cube.  Then, there was a medley of sweetness from the red dates, the black sugar and the dried longan.  In terms of whether it helps to ease discomfort, the answer is a definitive yes. I think it’s due to ginger’s inherent “womb-warming” (暖宮) nature, my overall discomfort was reduced.  In terms of pain, the pain was was still there but slightly more bearable.


The ingredients used are clearly visible on a table spoon (the tea spoon was too small to fit). dsc_4939taiwan-ginger-tea


The second time I drank it, it was day 2 of my period.  By day 2, my pain/ discomfort /fatigue level is usually 40% less than day 1 by default.  Upon drinking the Hongji Ginger Tea, there was also an overall ease in discomfort but not too much in terms of pain level because the pain level was already much less compared to day 1. When I drank it the second time, I was too lazy to follow the instruction and I just put the cube in the mug and poured hot water into it (about 180 ml).  A little more stirring was required to help the cube dissolve faster  (compared to the above method) but other than that it was easy peasy. The flavor was even stronger this time in terms of aroma, the piquancy of the ginger and the sweetness.  So it all depends on how you like it – if you love a strong ginger flavor, drink it this way; if you love it not too sweet, drink the tea by using more water.


I found Hongji Taiwan Ginger Tea to be beneficial for me, especially during the menstrual period but of course there are much more benefits than that. Each of Hongji Taiwan Ginger Tea‘s ingredients has their own benefits.

The benefits of ginger include :

  • Relieves menstrual pain and discomfort.
  • “Warm” in nature. It helps to “warm” body types that always have cold hand and cold feet.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Boosts the immunity system.
  • Relieves nausea / vomiting / morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • Suitable for mummies during the confinement period.
  • Prevents cold & flu.
  • ​Beneficial for the digestive system.


The benefits of red dates include :

  • Natural source of vitamins : Vitamin C, A, B1, B2.
  • Enriches the blood.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Good for skin.
  • detoxifies liver.


The benefits of black sugar  include :

  • Unrefined sugar made from sugar cane.
  • Improves menstrual flow.
  • Natural source of minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium.
  • Improves Metabolism

Black sugar is not a common ingredient seen in Malaysia, but it is popularly used in Taiwan and Japan.  Black sugar is unrefined, as opposed to white sugar, so it is very rich in minerals and has a distinctive charred & caramelised taste. The production is tedious, using 16 kg of sugar cane to only produce 0.45 kg of black sugar.


The benefits of dried longan include :

  • Rich in Vitamins A & B.
  • Replenishes “Qi” and blood.
  • Anti Aging.
  • Beneficial for the heart and spleen.

Again, dried longan is something that’s not commonly used in Malaysia because Malaysia doesn’t even grow longan to start with.  Longan is grown in Taiwan and whether fresh or dry,it  is a common thing to eat in Taiwan.


If you just want something simpler, another type of Ginger Tea from Taiwan Sugar Corporation  (台糖薑母茶) is available. Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s history dates back to early 1900’s.  It was Taiwan’s pioneer in the sugar industry and today it is one of the biggest company in Taiwan that has multiple business ventures including food & beverages, frozen foods, farming, convenience stores and hotels (You may purchase here –> http://www.queena.com.my/ginger-tea-by-taiwan-sugar at RM 29).



Each box of ginger tea contains 12 sachets of ginger powder, and each sachet is 20g.  dsc_5160taiwan-ginger-tea


Only two ingredients – ginger and cane sugar are used in making this so the taste is much simpler than Honji Taiwan Ginger Tea.  The ginger powder dissolves fast when you pour it into the hot water.  The ginger flavor in Taiwan Sugar’s Ginger Tea (台糖薑母茶) is pleasant and easy to drink.  dsc_5216taiwan-ginger-tea


If drinking ginger tea is too much of hassle for you, bring ginger candy on the go with you ! The ginger candy is conveniently packed in a packet of 210 g and it is (RM15 –> you may purchase from here http://www.queena.com.my/taiwan-ginger-candy ).  dsc_5196-ginger-tea


If you are just not a big fan of ginger, one of the ingredients is also available for sale as a standalone – the black sugar cubes.  Black sugar helps to improve blood circulation and hence it it’s really good for women especially during the menstrual cycle.  But seriously, these are so addictive so whether it’s during the menstrual period or not, you might find yourself popping one after another ! Each box is weighs 220 g and has about 30 + pieces of black sugar cubes (you may purchase here –> http://www.queena.com.my/black-sugar-by-taiwan-rich   at RM 15).dsc_4978taiwan-ginger-tea



More Information :

To Purchase on Queena.com.my (Shipping fee is flat rat RM 7 for peninsular Malaysia.  Free Shipping for purchase for RM 150 and above)
1.  Honji Ginger Tea RM 35 http://www.queena.com.my/hongji-taiwan-ginger-tea
2. Taiwan Sugar Ginger Tea RM 29 http://www.queena.com.my/ginger-tea-by-taiwan-sugar
3.  Ginger Candy RM 15 http://www.queena.com.my/taiwan-ginger-candy
4.  Black Sugar (220g, not individually packed) RM 15 http://www.queena.com.my/black-sugar-by-taiwan-rich
5. Black Sugar (300g) RM 19 http://www.queena.com.my/3in-1-black-sugar


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      Hi Jenn. I was comparing the use of longan relatively to Taiwan. Longan is used in chinese desserts mostly, but in Taiwan, it’s everywhere, farmers grown longan and process them into dry ones, it’s used in bakery shops, and it’s made into candies 🙂

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