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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

There’s a boutique homestay that opened in Ipoh recently – the Dream & Wander Homestay (旅行夢想家) that’s located strategically in Canning Garden.  It’s extremely specially because, well, I am running it ! Opening a homestay was something that never came to my mind.  dream-wander-homestay-ipoh
Then one fine day, my mother-in-law’s tenant did not renew the contract; I had just visited 2 homestays, and the idea of the homestay was born !

You may now book Dream & Wander Homestay on Booking.com  or on Dream & Wander Homestay’s Official Website if you are visiting Ipoh.

Or get in touch through the homestay’s FB page : @DreamWanderHomestay or email [email protected]  Rates start from RM250 per night for the entire home that sleeps 6 people.  The home can accommodate up to 2 extra people at RM 30 per pax; mattress, pillow, duvet, flat sheet and towel will be provided.

The home was originally built in 1970 and we wanted to maintain the vintage vibe, yet not forgetting that people need the comfort of modern facilities such as wifi, TV and new bathrooms.  The living room is decorated with a greenish-blue feature wall and a poster featuring cassette tapes.  I wonder if youngsters these days still know what cassette tapes are ? The lamp and the clock are carefully sourced so that they match each  other.

dsc_3412_dream-wander dsc_3415_dream-wander dsc_3414_dream-wander dsc_3531-air-bnb

The big sofa is super comfortable and you won’t want to get up after sitting on it !dsc_3604_dream-wander

The terrazzo floor with sparkles of green is one of the original elements of the house since 1970. dsc_3460_dream-wanderdsc_3462_dream-wander

Although the old electrical board is no longer functional, we kept it on the living room wall because we simply love the patina on the board.  The metal card that has the supplier’s information is interesting as the telephone number has only 4 digits – 2556.

Things get even more interesting as you walk into the dining room, which is the biggest room in the house.  I remember the very first time when I visited the house, I thought to myself “Wow ! 20 people could easily fit in this huge dining room !” The design is really not surprising after all because the 1970’s was an era when TV was a luxury.  Not many people had it.  Naturally, the living room wasn’t the main place for bonding.  It was the dinning room that people chatted over food, and it was especially important during festive seasons because it was the only place that could fit the big families back then ! dsc_3357_dream-wander dsc_3504-air-bnb dsc_3485_dream-wander

At Dream & Wander Homestay (旅行夢想家), we want to recreate an awesome space for people to mingle. You are most likely not going to dine in the homestay so much since Ipoh has way too much good food, but it’s the perfect place for hanging out and to chill.  We kept the original green mosaic tiles and segregated the space into two living quarters.  The first is the dining area itself with an old-timer’s kopitiam table while the second space has old-fashioned ratten chairs and string chairs which we refer to as the  second living room. dsc_3393_dream-wander dsc_3468_dream-wander

The posters on the wall jive so well with the place because they are handpicked from the same era of 1960’s to 1970’s.  Many are memorabilia of Ipoh.  If you take a closer look, you’ll find Chow Yun Fat (Donald Chow) printed on an old calendar, old retro receipts from gold shops that were once located on Leech Street (now Jalan Bandar Timah in Ipoh Old Town), and old Maybank FD receipt that is amusingly gigantic.


The rooms are all air-conditioned with luxury beddings to ensure our guests have an unforgettable stay.  This is the master bedroom with a deep-blue feature wall, groovy swirly poster, open wardrobe and refurbished vintage dresser table. dsc_3280_dream-wander dsc_3267_dream-wander dsc_3291_dream-wander dsc_3434_dream-wander

This is room 2 with a geometric wall and open wardrobe.dsc_3301_dream-wander dsc_3312_dream-wander

Room 3 is elevated on a wooden platform and the original ventilation holes are sealed with bricks and turned into wall decoration that’s one of a kind.  dsc_3373-air-bnb dsc_3374-air-bnb dsc_3376_dream-wander dsc_3377_dream-wander

The kitchen is equipped with kettle, electric cooker, plates, bowls, utensils, pots and fridge for you to do some basic cooking (If you require Halal utensils, please request before when you make a booking) .


View of the dining room from the kitchen.

View of the dining room from the kitchen.

The two bathrooms are newly renovated with shower, heater, shampoo and shower gel.

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 1

Details in bathroom 1.

Details in bathroom 1.

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 2

For booking and enquiries, you may

1. Book/Enquire from Dream & Wander Homestay’s Official Website.

2. Book or contact Dream & Wander Homestay directly from Booking.com ,

3.  Get in touch through Dream & Wander Homestay’s Facebook Page

4.  Email your enquiries to [email protected]

5.  or just leave your enquires & contact as a comment below this post and I will get back to you


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  1. Jub

    Looks awesome KJ! I like the mix of what you’ve done to keep the old and new together and definitely agree, it’s a great spot to hang out (reunions!) Will definitely keep it in mind if I end up with a bunch of friends in Ipoh 🙂

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  5. Khai

    Congrats KJ!

    This looks nice!! 🙂 A minimalist deco in a vintage house.

    Anyway, just a recommendation – for the kitchen utensils, maybe you can provide 2 sections that cater for Halal food as well in case your homestay is rented to any Muslim families.

    Good luck anyway! 🙂

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com Post author

      Hi Khai. Thanks ! That’s a good suggestion. I’ve made a note in the post that if Halal utensils are required, any Muslim families that wish to stay can request from me. I will keep those separate and they will not be mixed in with the existing one 🙂

  6. Mumun

    Hi KJ, such an interesting post to promote the homestay. Can we book only a few rooms? Or does it have to be the whole lot? (I have checked the Airbnb link.) And how is it located to the city centre?

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