Kuala Sangga Fishing Village @ Kuala Sepetang, Taiping, Malaysia

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Kuala Sepetang Malaysia Perak

Kuala Sangga (老港漁村) is a tiny little fishing village 30 minutes of boat ride away from Kuala Sepetang.  Kuala Sangga was established in the 1890’s and today it has about 40 – 50 families living in the village.  The village is so small that it will take you less than 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other.  To get there, get a boat ride from one of the many boat ride providers at Kuala Sepetang’s port as it is only rechable by boat. 


Kuala Sangga’s houses are typically built on stilt, while basic necessities such as water and electricity are not available.  Amazingly, the villagers still survive on rain water and every household has a generator to generate their own electricity.  dsc_7060_kuala-sangga-kuala-sepetang



Despite being so small, the village surprisingly has 1 temple, 1 church, 1 school , 1 altar and a kopitiam ! The kopitiam is located near the entrance of the village.


You must try the the steamed cockels and “hor ga sai” (milo + coffee drink) at this modest kopitiam ! The cockels are super fresh, while the “hor ga sai” is one of the best I have had !

dsc_7070_kuala-sangga-kuala-sepetang dsc_7071_kuala-sangga-kuala-sepetang

A hand-drawn map is hung on the walls of the kopitiam – basically Kuala Sangga really consists of only one road !


Fishing is one of the main sources of income for the villagers.  The uncle chatted with me while repairing his fishing net.  There seemed to be an urban legend of a pirate that was in and out of Kuala Sangga in the 1970’s, but the uncle was not a believer.

The uncle asked :” Did your guide tell you anything about pirates in Kuala Sangga ?”
Me : “No”.
The Uncle : “Good, because there’s no such thing”.

What do you think ? Do you think there was pirate back in the old days ?





The altar in Kuala Sangga – 賜龍壇.  I don’t know what is the official name of it in English, so I am just going to translate it directly from Chinese – Dragon Altar.


The “Na Tuk Kong” Temple.


The Poay Chee Chinese Primary School (培智國民型華文小學) is one beautiful school that’s located at one end of the village.  The school has a fantastic backdrop of gorgeous blue sky and dark-green mangrove forest, while the pastel green walls are decorated with drawings of dolphins and turtles.

At the other end of the village is the tranquil St Anne Catholic Church.  The church miraculously survived a fire 40 years ago, leading the villagers into believing that there is godly power protecting the church.  Although there are no more Catholics left in the village today, the villagers are still maintaining the church. dsc_7163_kuala-sangga-kuala-sepetang


Below are a few more photos I took of Kuala Sangga.  Enjoy 🙂











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  1. Wan Zaharizan

    The sad part about it is the town is dying. Many youth had left searching for greener pasture. That is one of the reason the government is not keen to bring water and electricity there. Unless it can be turn into tourist area then there is hope. The public must support it by visiting it and make it a part of their tourist track

    1. KJ @ alwaystravelicious.com Post author

      Right, so that’s the reason that the village has no water and electricity. Thanks ! The village is very small. But there is potential, if the villagers can package it better and if the boat ride providers can allow visitors to stay on the village longer (we only stayed for 30 mins).

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