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Bali never ceases to amaze me.  On a recent trip, we travelled from Kuta to Ubud via a Volkswagen (VW) Safari tour in Bali.  I didn’t even know that was an option ! 

Volkswagen Safari Tour Bali

DSC_1683_VW Safari

During the journey, we drove past the busy parts of Kuta, seeing many boutique stores, massage parlours and exotic temples along the frangipani-lined route. As we got closer to Ubud, we saw more of artsy stores, quaint cafes and furniture stores.  Its was definitely an interesting way to get a gist of Bali by going around in these vintage VW convertibles ! DSC_1690_VW Safari

As we drove further and further away from the busy areas, the landscape became gorgeous padi fields with some flower fields as well .
DSC_1733_VW Safari
DSC_1722_VW Safari

A stop at one of the padi fields is mandatory !DSC_1694_VW Safari

The padi field is also one of the best places to take a photo with the Volkswagen !
DSC_1732_VW Safari DSC_1705_VW Safari

Another place that we stopped at was the Bukit Sari Temple, located within the Monkey Forest in Sangeh.  The forest is a serene place with devotees paying respects in the temple while it’s also a playground for the monkeys.  Do note that entrance into the temple is not allowed but you are free to roam about the forest.

DSC_1753_VW Safari DSC_1742_VW Safari DSC_1767_VW Safari

Due to time constraint, we didn’t finish the full day with the Volkswagen (VW) Safari Tour.

There are a few other places that are typically included in the tour, such as :
1.  The Ubud Market
DSC_1820_VW Safari DSC_1814_VW Safari DSC_1787_VW Safari

2.  Ubud Monkey Forest
Bali Trip Itinerary @ Indoneisa 25 Bali Trip Itinerary @ Indoneisa 41

3.  Ubud Royal Palace & 4. Barong Dance Performance.

Every car seats 3 people with an allocated driver. Our tour operator was Jewel Indonesia Tour & Travel, you may contact them at [email protected] (their website is under maintenance at the moment of writing)

There are also a few other tour operators that provide similar service at USD 55 per person.
1.  Bali Golden Tour
2.  Bali Safari Tours
3.  Bali Sky Tour

**With many thanks to the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia for organising this trip.

For more information on travel in Indonesia, visit Tourism Indonesia’s Official Page.

Or find them on their Social Media Accounts
Facebook : Indonesia.Travel
Twitter : @IndTravel
Instagram : @IndTravel
Google + : Indonesia.Travel


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