The Concubine Lanes of Ipoh

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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

Ipoh Old Town has undergone a makeover over the past few years (see this list of 34 Cafes in Ipoh and you would know what I mean !).  Hipster cafes and boutique hotels flourished when the old became the new fab. The Concubine Lane  (or Panglima Lima, “二奶巷” , “Er Nai xiang”) was the next to follow suit.  Other than the Concubine Lane that most people know of, there are two other related lanes in the vicinity – the Wife Lane (or Lorong Hale, “大奶巷”,”Da Nai Xiang”) and the First Concubine Lane (Market Lane, “三奶巷”, “San Nai Xiang”).  

Concubine Lane IpohThese concubine lanes have history that goes all the way back to 1892, when parts of Ipoh Old Town were rebuilt after a fire in 1892.  The Concubine Lanes were part of the rebuilt and were owned by mining tycoon Yao Tet Shin.  He gave away the houses on the lanes to his three wives, and hence the locals named the lanes accordingly – Wife Lane, Concubine Lane and First Concubine Lane.  There’s another version of story where common folklore has it that these were also the lanes where rich men hid their second wives.

Today’s Concubine Lane is the most transformed lane among all three.   There’s probably only one house in Concubine Lane that’s in its original state, but the rest is history.

DSC_5273_concubine lane

DSC_5274_concubine lane

Concubine Lane is the most vibrant on weekends, holidays, where many pop-up stalls gather.  You’ll find cacti on sale, colorful ice balls, flower-shaped cotton candy and more.

DSC_5215_concubine laneDSC_5261_concubine lane DSC_5267_concubine lane DSC_5269_concubine lane

It’s easy to get distracted while walking on Concubine Lane, because, how could you not ? With little pastel-colored windmills, sunflowers and unique signages, there are lots to marvel along this short, cheerful lane.

DSC_5276_concubine lane DSC_5293_concubine lane

Oh and don’t forget to look up to see the amusing sight of teddy bear and giraffe gazing at you !

DSC_5277_concubine lane DSC_5278_concubine lane DSC_5282_concubine lane

One of the stores on concubine lane, Meiko Kaiso Shop, has embraced the concept of vintage fully.  The downstairs section sells souvenirs which is very common, but the upstairs section is an awesome place to explore (and to take Instagram photos), with a RM 3 entrance fee.

DSC_5223_concubine lane

If you have a thing for antiques, this would be the place for you.  I like the vibe of this place, where old TVs, ceramic teapots, vinyl records, and rattan baskets represent  a bygone era.
DSC_5257_concubine laneDSC_5260_concubine lane

DSC_5256_concubine lane

Even if you don’t love antiques, the store’s interior architecture  is worth checking out.  From the outside of the store, it looks like any two storey building, but once you get to the first floor, you’ll be surprised to see that there are a few internal lofty decks to climb to get to the top floor.  
DSC_5236_concubine lane

DSC_5243_concubine lane
DSC_5235_concubine lane

DSC_5248_concubine lane

If you are visiting Concubine Lane, you should definitely visit the other two lanes; both are much quieter compared to the Concubine Lane but just as charming.  The Wife Lane now has a proper signage; you can easily recognise it from the  lanterns and the fruit seller mural on a yellow wall.   DSC_5300_concubine lane DSC_5302_concubine lane

First Concubine Lane now also has its own signage, a sky full of red and white umbrellas, and a mural of people eating curry noodles.  The mural could not be anymore appropriate because it is indeed on the side walls of Nam Chau Kopitiam, which is famous for its curry noodles.  On the other end of First Concubine Lane is one of Ernest Zarcharevic’s murals of old man with trash .  DSC_5349_concubine laneDSC_5354_concubine laneDSC_5352_concubine laneDSC_5388_concubine lane

While it’s a good sign that Ipoh’s Old Town is attracting lots of visitors, and Ipoh is getting international attention as it has recently been ranked by Lonely Planet as No. 6 in a List of Best Places to Go in Asia for the Next 12 Months, I enjoyed Ipoh Old Town as is before it came under the spotlight; while merely 2 years ago Concubine Lane was a hidden gem with forlorn beauty where people rarely went.   If you appreciate little things and enjoy little places, it’s good idea to visit Wife Lane and First Concubine Lane as they are still relatively untouched and “original”, before they become too similar to Concubine Lane.

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If you happen to be travelling to Ipoh soon, have fun and bon voyage !

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