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Malaysia Pahang Sungai Lembing

I stayed for one night in T Box when I visited Sungai Lembing.  The first thing you see when you enter T Box Sungai Lembing’s compound would be the vibrant containers, painted with all sorts of murals.  Every container has a different design – be it animals, rainbows, boats or stars.  

TBox Sungai Lembing

T Box has different room types to cater to all kinds of travellers.  There’s the colorful cabins that can accommodate 8 people, the Japanese Cabin & the Wooden Cottage that can accommodate 4 people; or, if you are a backpacker travelling alone, single beds are also available in some of the containers.

DSC_3018_sungai Lembing DSC_3014_sungai Lembing

We stayed in the Japanese Cabin (RM 220 / night), which accommodates up to 6 people with extra beds.  DSC_3012_sungai Lembing DSC_2939_sungai Lembing

The room is spacious, spotless, bright, and it gave us an excellent first impression.  One half of the room is taken up by the  comfortable custom-made double decker bed.    DSC_2936_sungai Lembing

The other half of the room is a Japanese-style living room with tatami floors.  I like the concept of the room as it indeed echoes with the notion of “Japanese Cabin” very well.  DSC_2937_sungai Lembing DSC_2938_sungai Lembing

The bathroom is also well-thought-out with the functions segregated – the shower room has its own cubicle, the toilette has its own cubicle, while the wash basin also has a space on its own.  If you have 6 people staying in the room, you would be  really grateful for this design !
DSC_2942_sungai Lembing DSC_2940_sungai Lembing

Overall I enjoyed my stay at T Box Sungai Lembing and would not hesitate to stay there again 🙂

More Info
T Box Sungai Lembing Facebook Page
T Box Sungai Lembing Official Website
Address : EB 33, Jalan Sungai Lembing, Kampung Tengah, 26200, Sungai Lembing, Pahang, Malaysia.
Contact : 010 288 2993

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