Fook Kee Pan Mee @ Ipoh (福記板面@中華茶餐室)


Ipoh Malaysia Perak

When it comes to Ipoh food, Fook Kee Pan Mee in Ipoh is a hidden gem located in Chung Hwa Restaurant in Gunung Rapat Area (福記板面@中華茶餐室).  Visitors to Ipoh would often visit “famous” places like Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken, Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah, etc, and totally have no idea about this pan mee place. Even without the tourist crowd, the minimum wait time is at least 30 minutes if you you visit  after 6.30 pm.

Fook Kee Pan Mee @ Ipoh

I’ve been eating here for the past few years and I just never get tired of this bowl of noodles prepared by a team of family members that run Fook Kee Pan Mee.  There are two kinds of pan mee here – soup pan mee with broad noodles and dry pan mee with thinner noodles.  I’ve always eaten the soup pan mee, which consists of a generous portion of broad noodles, vegetables, tender pork slices, delectable meat balls and crunchy deep-fried anchovies.  The portion is so huge that it’s easily double the portion compare to other noodle stalls.  Two years ago, before the implementation of GST, the noodles used to be at RM 3.80 per bowl and Fook Kee was one of the very last few hawker stalls to remain their food at RM 3.80 per bowl when most stalls have already increased their prices to RM 4.50 and above.  Now these noodles are at RM 5 per bowl, but still totally worth it.
DSC_9715_ipoh foodIMG_4227_ipoh foodIMG_4228_ipoh food

There was one time, I decided to try the dry version, and I regretted not having tried it earlier because I instantly fell in love with the dry version ! The dry pan mee uses thinner noodles which has similar texture to the Korean Shin Ramyu Instant Noodles, but 10 times better and 10 times healthier.  The noodle are quite simple in terms of flavor as they are just mixed with soy sauce and an aromatic oil.  But the texture, oh the texture is one of the best I’ve tried ! The texture is chewy, springy; I could easily eat a bowl of plain noodles like this !
IMG_4233_ipoh food
IMG_4234_ipoh food

The noodles are accompanied by a bowl of scrumptious soup that’s similar to the soup version of pan mee.  IMG_4229_ipoh food IMG_4230_ipoh food

Fook Kee Pan Mee is located in Restaurant Chung Wah, together with two other stalls (one sells fried chicken and the other sells roast pork).  But pretty much EVERYONE that you see sitting here is waiting for their pan mee to come ! If you don’t have the patience to wait, be there as early as possible around 5.30 – 6pm, that should help to minimise your wait time. IMG_4235_ipoh food DSC_9724_ipoh food


More Info
Fook Kee Pan Mee Facebook (福記板面@中華茶餐室)
Address :  Taman Ipoh Jaya, 31350 Ipoh, Perak.
Opening Hours : 5.30 pm to late.

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