Woong Kee Tau Fu Fah @ Ipoh (旺記祖傳豆腐花)

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Ipoh Malaysia Perak

Woong Kee Tau Fu Fah in Ipoh (旺記祖傳豆腐花) is fast becoming Ipohans’ new favorite place.  The stall started off as a small stall in Bercham and has now expanded to a bigger store on Jalan Ali Pitchay (Off Jalan Yang Kalsom).  When it comes to weekends and public holidays, good luck, because you’ll need the patience to queue. 

Woong Kee Ipoh
When it comes to tau fu fah in Ipoh, Funny Mountain would no doubt be the first to pop-up in one’s mind because it’s been around for ages and everybody loves its silken tau fu fah.  Wong Kee’s tau fu fah is just as good, if not better.  The texture of Wong Kee’s tau fu fah is extremely soft, unbelivably light;  you could almost eat it as if you were drinking water.

Wong Kee is also very creative with its ingredients.  We’ve tried so many different kinds of tau fu fah here and we’ll keep going back for more. Here’s the classic tau fu fah with sugar syrup that’s always a safe bet.
IMG_3552_ipoh food

Tau fu fah with ginger sugar syrup – a little more earthy because of the ginger.
IMG_4093_ipoh food

Tau fu fah with a mix of everything – red beans, grass jelly, and shaved peanuts.  If you want, you can just choose one or two toppings instead of adding all three.
IMG_4092_ipoh food

Tau Fu Fah with chrysanthemum sugar (photo below) – I was so amazed at the owner’s creativity for crafting this flavor to pair with the tau fu fah.  You get the elegant floral flavors from the chrysanthemum that goes superbly well with the tau fu fah.  The chrysanthemum sugar is not always available, so watch out their Facebook page for updates.  Another ingredient that you’ll have to check their Facebook pages for updates is the pumkin “tong yun” (glutinous rice, 湯圓) as it is also only available from time to time.

IMG_4170_ipoh food

Woong Kee’s soy bean drink has an option to mix in grass jelly.
IMG_3553_ipoh food

For something not too commonly seen, try the black soy bean drink.  Notice that the drink has a greenish hue which is the natural color of the beans after the removal of the black husk.
IMG_4171_ipoh food

All the yummy tau fu fah comes from this giant tub.
IMG_3557_ipoh food

A small seating area is within the store.
IMG_3554_ipoh foodIMG_3555_ipoh food

More Info

Wong Kee Tau Fu Fah (旺記祖傳豆腐花) Facebook
Address : 32-38A (Bawah), Jalan Ali Pitcha, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia (Off Jalan Yang Kalsom).

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