Kamo Home @ Sauk, Perak (容縣七號)

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Kuala Kangsar Malaysia Perak

I first came across Kamo Home (容縣七號) in Sauk New Village (新壽活村) a few years ago when I read about it in Sin Chew Newspaper.   I love the name of the new village in Chinese,  新壽活村, which means “A Village of Life and Longevity”.
Kamo Home Stay

Kamo Home’s Chinese name is meaningful too – with “容縣” being the owner’s grandfather’s place of origin.   Sauk is located in Perak, about 20 minutes drive from Kuala Kangsar.  Shame on me, I’ve actually never heard of Sauk before.  Both Sauk and the homestay sparked my curiosity because what the hell is a homestay doing in the middle of nowhere ?

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago; I visited Kuala Kangsar and decided to stay in Kamo Home. I was delighted to stay in this refurbished retro home.  The house is a very typical new village building built with wood planks.  Kamo Home is slightly obscured by the overgrowth of plants, but you’ll still easily spot because it’s the only house in the vicinity with the colored flags.


The interior of the house is filled with nostalgia and designed for “lepak-ing” everywhere.  The living room is so vintage with the old photos, old cupboards, old floral curtains and the old sofa set.  DSC_5837_Sauk

The wall is decorated with the homestay owner – Kamo’s travel photos of Malaysia, and a hand-drawn map of the area.


The mini library is a lovely place to chill out. DSC_5680_Sauk DSC_5830_Sauk

The dining area is huge with many dining tables and an artsy blackboard. DSC_5785_Sauk DSC_5820_Sauk DSC_5795_Sauk

The kitchen is equipped with cooking facilities if you wish to do a little bit of cooking.  DSC_5828_Sauk

The rooms are all sharing rooms and it is RM50 per night per person.  Kamo enthusiastically wants his guest to experience the new village way of life, so sleeping is done that way – on the floor.  Showering too is done the new village way – by using (super-cold!) mountain water.  I’ve asked him why don’t you put a water heater in the bathroom ? He said “then people won’t use the super-cold water!” Well, he has a point ! But if you really can’t take cold water showers, just boil some hot water and mix it with cold water like I did.  DSC_5672_Sauk

Kamo has a gorgeous white cat with blue eyes called “Doggie” (狗仔), aptly named because the cat is seriously more of a dog than a cat.  She is so friendly that the moment she she sees you, she will come close to you and demand initiate a cuddle.  DSC_5860_Sauk

Look at her face !! Lol !!DSC_5847_Sauk DSC_5861_Sauk

As for things to do in Sauk,
1.  You  may go eat at the restaurants in the new village, which is famous for fresh river catches.
2.  Watch spectacular sunrise over Sauk New Village.  The scenery is absolutely fantastic with the Perak River beneath your feet, and the majestic Titiwangsa mountains as the backdrop.
3.  Have fun at Tasik Raben, a wonderful lake that serves as a huge mirror and reflects everything on the sky.
4.  combine it with a visit to Kuala Kangsar or Lenggong.

Below are photos of sunrise over Sauk 🙂


Below are photos of Raban Tasik 🙂 DSC_5731_SaukDSC_5750_Sauk

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