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Malaysia Perak Taiping

The Trong Leisure Farm & Resort (自農休閒農莊) is located in Trong, Perak.  Many visitors flock to visit the farm to see the thousands  of ducks reared on the compound.  The farm is nestled between mountains while the old mining pools have been transformed into a natural playground for the ducks !  

The farm is also referred to as “Terong”.  Even its Chinese name has two versions – “自農” and “直弄”.  I like the first version better because there is a beautiful meaning behind it – self proficient and self farming, while the second version is just a direct translation from the English/Malay pronunciation without any specific meaning.

When you first enter the farm, there is a small pool for boat rides in cute, ducky boats (RM 15 for a 15 minute boat ride on the yellow boat, RM 6 for a 15 minute boat ride on the white boat).


The farm has accommodation facilities too if you want to immerse yourself in nature. DSC_6628_Taiping

T0 go into the farm further in, there is a RM 5 entrance fee.  A tractor will bring you in. DSC_6622_Taiping

Then you’ll be welcomed to a world of cuteness-overload ! The baby ducks are extremely cute.  They don’t seem to every stop moving.  DSC_6484_Taiping

What’s even cuter is that when one of them makes a 2 second eye contact with its inquisitive eyes, and you just wanna say “aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww” !DSC_6424_Taiping DSC_6473_Taiping DSC_6493_Taiping

Feeding them is a fun activity to do.  The moment they see fingers, they’ll all run towards your fingers, and start pecking at them !  It’s not painful at all, but slightly ticklish because the beaks are not sharp and they have no teeth.

The ducklings are kept in an enclosed pen while the grown-ducks are just freely roaming about, swimming in the pool, sleeping under the shade, or frolicking on the grass.  DSC_6570_Taiping DSC_6619_Taiping DSC_6600_Taiping DSC_6592_Taiping DSC_6576_Taiping DSC_6567_Taiping DSC_6562_Taiping

The ducks at the Trong Leisure Farm are the “Pekin-Duck” breed.  The little “education corner” provides more information about ducks in general.  The ducks age very different from us.  They grow older everyday literally because their one day old is equivalent to our one year old !  DSC_6552_TaipingDSC_6553_Taiping

Not to worry if you get hungry when you are visiting the farm because there is a seafood restaurant right at the farm.

And also some salted duck eggs to buy home too at the souvenir store next to it 🙂DSC_6643_Taiping

More Information
Trong Leisure Farm & Resort Facebook
Address : Jalan Kuala Trong, 34800 Terung, Perak, Malaysia
Opening Hours : Daily 9 am to 7 pm for the farm and the boat , Daily 11.30 am – 10 pm for the restaurant.

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  1. HY

    May i know is there available for booking for team building activity in Trong Leisure Farm on the coming 17 and 18 December 2016?
    Guests no. are 25 persons.
    Thanks you.

    1. KJ @ Post author

      Hi HY. Thanks for your comment. Can you get in touch with them directly ? I am not affiliated with them. Address: PT293, Jalan Kuala Trong, 34800 Terong, Perak, Malaysia
      Phone: +60 10-464 0918 Thanks !

  2. Andy Kuek

    Hi, may I know 31 Aug 2017, is the farm open ?
    Could we visit the farm day tour ?
    What is the entrance fee ?

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