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Malaysia Pahang Sungai Lembing

If you love nature, the Rainbow Waterfall at Sungai Lembing would be a fun place to visit.  To get to the waterfall, you’ll have to take a package from a local travel agency at RM 50 per person, including transport and insurance.   The roads into the waterfall are mud roads ands quite deep into the jungle so it’s not easy to go on your own, unless you have driven a four-wheel-drive (4WD) to Sungai Lembing.  The hotel you are staying  at should be able to arrange for you.
Sungai Lembing Waterfall

We stayed at the Time Capsule Retreat and we arranged our trip through them.  The 4WD picked us up at 6.30 am, dropped us off for breakfast at the hawker center, then made another stop to see the sunrise before heading to the waterfall.

DSC_2839_sungai Lembing
The journey to the waterfall took much longer than I expected.  The 4WD took an hour on the road to get to a river where we had to cross.  The river looked easy-peasy to cross but I was so wrong ! It really was much more difficult than it looked because I had to try to keep my balance on the slippery rocks.  It was dry season so the waters were shallow.  Imagine if you went during wet season, the water level would have been much higher (to your waist or shoulders maybe ?) and you would have to  submerge yourself into the water to cross the river by holding the rope.
DSC_2851_sungai Lembing
We walked for another hour into the jungle before finally reaching the Rainbow Waterfall.  
DSC_2853_sungai Lembing

DSC_2854_sungai Lembing

This is the Rainbow Waterfall.  I must say I was pretty disappointed when I saw the waterfall.  Where did all the water go ?? LOL!! The Rainbow Waterfall is named so because you can see the rainbow at the waterfall.  When I arranged the trip, I asked the guide whether we can always see the rainbow, he told me “Yes, most of the time.  I saw it yesterday”.  Little did I think that I had to ask about if there is any water.  Now that I know, and now that you know too what a dry waterfall looks like !
DSC_2860_sungai Lembing

Well the waterfall wasn’t entirely dry; it had some sprinkles of water.The guide was right about the rainbow too – there was one ! Albeit a tiny one.  Can you see it in the picture below? It’s right in the middle of the picture, above the guy wearing the red pants.  DSC_2907_sungai Lembing

While we didn’t get to see the waterfall in its full glory,  we did enjoy the milo and maggie mee brought by the guides to the waterfall.  Better luck next time !DSC_2896_sungai Lembing DSC_2879_sungai Lembing

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