Ah Ding’s Charcoal Roast Pork @ Sungai Lembing

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Malaysia Pahang Sungai Lembing

There are a few places that sell roast pork in Sungai Lembing; Ah Ding’s Charcoal Roast Pork (林明阿定柴香烧肉) is irrefutably the best one.  Some even call it “the Best Roast Pork in Malaysia”.  Many TV shows such as “Axian’s Food Aventures” and “Hochiak” have also featured this place on the show. What makes it stand out from all the others is that it is roasted by charcoal.  Anything that’s cooked by charcoal triumphs over anything else!  Perhaps it’s the only place left in Malaysia that roast the pork by using this traditional method.  When we got to the place, there was one gigantic slab of roast pork hanging next to a brick kiln, ready to be chopped !

DSC_3022_sungai Lembing

DSC_3031_sungai Lembing

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The roast pork was indeed fantastic ! It was succulent, juicy with a hint of charred scent, and oh the crunch was so crackling it was similar to eating a piece of cookie !DSC_3028_sungai Lembing DSC_3025_sungai Lembing DSC_3023_sungai Lembing

The char siew was worth a try too.  DSC_3024_sungai Lembing

The store is open on Fridays and  Saturdays from 5.30 pm till everything gets sold out; and also on Sunday mornings at the morning market from 6.30 am onwards. Be there early if you can because while we were sitting there, many locals came and “ta-pau” their pre-booked portions of pork.  By the time we left the store at 6 pm, a quarter of the big slab was gone !DSC_3032_sungai Lembing

Ah Ding’s Roast Pork is not located on the main road in Sungai Lembing so it’s not easy to spot.  Look for the hanging bridge that’s closest to the entrance of Sungai Lembing, cross the tar road next to the bridge, you’ll come to Kg Jeram Takar, and also a big signage that shows Ah Xian and the boss.  Turn in the road; there will be a few more signages that’ll point you to where the store is.  DSC_2675_sungai Lembing

DSC_2674_sungai Lembing

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