Time Capsule Retreat @ Sungai Lembing, Malaysia

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Malaysia Pahang Sungai Lembing

When I first came across the Time Capsule Retreat @ Sungai Lembing, I was immediately intrigued by its unique design – cylindrical cement tubes nestled in the middle of lush greeneries.  Both the retreat and Sungai Lembing has been on my mind ever since then.  

Time Capsule Retreat

It’s not easy to get a booking for the capsule rooms though.  I’ve tried booking two weeks ahead and all the rooms are fully booked so do book the rooms as early as possible (months ahead !!).  I still couldn’t get a capsule room the second time I tried, so I ended up booking their new room – the Parallel Aurora room, but that didn’t stop me from taking photos of the capsule rooms !
DSC_2915_sungai LembingDSC_2497_sungai Lembing

There are two types of capsule rooms.  Capsule 1 is designed with full glass panels while Capsule 2 is designed with half glass panels for couples that would like more privacy.  The rooms are RM 139 per night and as you can see, the rooms are quite small, it fits two people just nice without much space for other things.  Shared bathrooms are located outside the rooms. 
DSC_2933_sungai Lembing

When it was night time, the guests that were lucky enough to get a room had so much fun playing shadow games at the capsule rooms because the curtains were so sheer !
DSC_2792_sungai Lembing

There’s a place for chill out too near the capsule rooms if you wish.DSC_2795_sungai Lembing


The White Cottage Rooms (RM 118 – RM 198 per night) are also another type of room available.  I didn’t get to see the actual rooms but only the common areas of the rooms.  
DSC_2774_sungai Lembing
DSC_2778_sungai Lembing

Since we didn’t get to stay in the capsules, we stayed in the Parallel Aurora Room.  I really liked the idea of the room with “nature” designed in mind.  The container room has one section of the room made of glass, which reflects the surroundings.   
DSC_2483_sungai Lembing
DSC_2487_sungai Lembing DSC_2485_sungai Lembing

There’s a chill-out place near the rooms. DSC_2482_sungai Lembing

The Parallel Aurora has two small rooms within, so it’s suitable for up to 4 people to stay in (RM 298 per night).  This is room 1, which has a glass panel that allows you to be surrounded by nature !  While I do like this concept, the room is so small.   After we put two cabin bags on the floor, my husband and I could barely walk pass each other without bumping into each other.
DSC_2474_sungai Lembing

This is room 2 in Aurora Parallel, even smaller than room 1, and unfortunately only has small window panels at the top of the room.  Room 2 basically only has space for the bed and there’s no extra space for luggages.  The two rooms within the Parallel Aurora might be ok if you are a family with 1 one or two small children; but might be too small for two couples travelling together.
DSC_2476_sungai Lembing

This is the bathroom, small and basic.
DSC_2477_sungai Lembing DSC_2478_sungai Lembing

Overall I think I more or less enjoyed the stay at the Time Capsule Retreat.  It was a fun experience, seeing and staying at the place I’ve always wanted to stay at.  But, as I’ve mentioned above the rooms are small, so this would be a main factor to take into consideration if you are thinking about staying at the retreat.

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