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Honey Creme Soft-Serve Ice Cream has finally set foot in Desa Sri Hartamas, KL.  Honey Creme boasts of collaboration between Taiwan and South Korea, bringing you organic ice cream with toppings such as organic cotton candy, pop-corns and macarons.  The ice creams are available in both cups and cones. 

One of the signatures is the honey comb ice cream (RM 14.50); delightfully sweet as there’s still a swirl of honey coating the comb.  The comb itself is edible too.  If you’ve never had honeycomb, it’s worth a try because where else would you have a chance to eat it? The honecomb’s texture is peculiar – spongy, mushy and chewy.  By the time you’ve chewed on it for a while, it becomes slightly rubbery, sort of like chewing gum that’s been chewed out of flavor.  At this point, you may choose to swallow it as it is edible; or spit it out; whichever suits you.
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Chunks of honey combs are on display if you wish to get a closer look.

Top your ice cream with an extra piece of macaron if you wish !

For texture, try the caramelized pop corn topping, crunchy and addictive (RM 12.50)

My personal favorite is the Organic Cotton Canday Affogato (RM 14.50).  The ice cream isn’t too sweet, so the cotton candy just adds an adequate amount of sweetness to it, while the coffee brings out depth.  There’s ice cream, there’s coffee, and there’s cotton candy; what’s not to love about this fantastic combo ?

Here are a few other flavors of Honey Creme soft-serve ice cream that includes Comb Honey (RM 12.50) (see the staff diligently drizzling honey onto the ice cream),

Organic Mixed Grains (RM 13.50), Chocolate Bean (RM 13.50), Dark Chocolate (RM 12.50), Tiramisu (RM 14.50) and Original (RM 9.50).

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More Information
Honey Creme Hartamas Facebook
Address : N0. 20, Ja;an 27/70 A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours : Mon – Thurs : 12 pm – 10pm, Fri – Sun 12 pm – 11 pm.



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