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Bangsar Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

KL and the Klang Valley are two vibrant places that are constantly evolving.  New F&B places are opening everywhere; while new night clubs are making their debuts, ready to get the party started.  At the same time, the existing establishments; perhaps a beef noodles stall in China Town or a traditional furniture shop are still thriving, adapting to today’s ever-changing world.

The Locals City Map

But it’s not all the time that we get to hear about all these places – whether new or old.  The Millennium Hotels & Resorts Asia has an excellent initiative to put all these places together all in one map – the “Travel Inspired – The Locals City Map”; a map that is open for all to recommend hidden gems in your neighborhood – maybe a secret stall in a small lane that serves to-die-for char koay teow, or a low-profile art gallery that you feel deserves more attention.  The map is valuable because it is an aggregation of everyone’s inputs, empowering people to venture and experience places they have never been to or never even heard of.

On the “Travel Inspired – The Locals City Map”, I found two such places:  Nong & Jimmy’s Thai Seafood BBQ in Ampang and Lorem Ipsum Art Jam KL in Bangsar.   I don’t live too far from these places, yet I saw them for the very first time on the map.  Both places literally fall under the category of “hidden” gem.  Very, very hidden.

Despite Nong & Jimmy being located on the main road of Jalan Cahaya in Ampang, it’s difficult to tell what kind of F&B outlet it is because all the signages and part of the entrance are covered by overgrowth of trees.  After I discovered the place, the rest is history.

DSC_8784 Travel Inspired - The Locals City Map 10

The most popular dish at Nong & Jimmy is the grilled crab (RM 90 / kg), which comes in a few different flavors such as original, black pepper and curry.  Try the original for ultimate freshness of the crab.  If original is too plain for you, fret not because the Thai-style  chili sauce provided is so fiery you’ll need to standby plenty of water.


The butter prawns are scrumptious, smothered in a pile of crispy buttered shreds that’ll have you finish off the very last piece of shreds.  Other grill items on the menu include the squid, cockles, sting ray and kampong fish.  Classic Thai dishes such as tom yam soup, mango salad and prawn cake are also available.


There was a special remark on The Locals’ City Map to try the “Yao Char Kuey” from the small stall maned by a Malay lady which operates separately from Nong & Jimmy.  Thanks to the comment, I gave it a try and no regrets  because the “yao char kuey” is  light, fluffy, and creatively accompanied with pandan sauce for dipping.

More Info : Nong & Jimmy Facebook Page
Address: 2763, Jalan Cahaya 1, Taman Cahaya, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.
PS:  In case you don’t find them at this address, it means they have shifted to the new address to 298C Jalan 8, KG Baru Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.

Lorem Ipsum Art Jam KL is even more hidden than Nong & Jimmy.  It’s located on the 1st floor, above a dental clinic.  There’s no signage on the façade except for one tiny little signage that says “coffee, craft beer, art jam” at the foot of the stairs and that’s it.  You could be driving past it every day and not know it’s an artsy place.  Even the name “Lorem Ipsum” is very abstract; it’s filler text that’s always seen on template websites or template designs.


Lorem Ipsum offers art jam sessions, where you could let your imaginations run wild and relish the inner artistic soul in you.  Even if you are not a fan of arts, Lorem Ipsum doubles up as a café, and there’s always time for coffee.  An afternoon at the café offers quality time amidst chic ambiance.

DSC_8716 DSC_8735

Try the scrambled eggs + bratwurst sausages (RM 18), because there is no better way to start your day with fluffy eggs and raisned toast.  For dessert (RM 15), the sinful chocolate truffle cake is a must.  Remember to ask the staff to warm the cake for you, as the chocolate flakes that coat the cake becomes not only gooey, but also absoultely heart-warming.

More Info :
Lorem Ipsum Facebook
Address: 59 Jalam Bangkung, Taman Bandaraya, 59100 KL.

Now that you know about the “Travel Inspired – The Locals’ City Map” , start browsing it right away to discover new places, or better yet, start pinning your recommendations on the map to receive a 25 % discount for hotel bookings + free breakfast for two, and a chance to win awesome prizes from Millennium Hotels & Resorts Asia.

Prizes are :
1st Prize: 13-inch MacBook Air, 128 GB.
2nd Price: S$1,000 Millennium Hotels and Resorts Asia e-vouchers.
3rd Price: US$500 Amazon Vouchers
**Hurry, contest period to win the prizes ends at 31 st December 2015 !

All you need to do is, go to the mapà select Malaysia –> select “I want to contribute” –> type in the place you would like to recommend in the search box at the top right corner–> upload photo –> say a few things about it –> PIN, and that’s it ! Happy Pinning !

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**With many thanks to Millennium Hotels & Resorts for making this post possible.




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