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Selangor Sunway

The team behind Lancelot Tea Guild (located in Bandar Sunway at Nadayu 28) has great passion for tea.  The teas here are brewed using tea leaves from Whittard of Chelsea, imported from the UK.  Cuisine served here leans towards fine dining, but at an affordable price.  


There are two different dining sections – the “White Room” in soothing white for those looking for a casual and relaxed ambiance;


the “Black Room” is more classy with more privacy, adorned with paintings of knights in armor.


The teas at Lancelot Tea Guild are brewed by using these fancy tea-brewing machines, known as the “steampunks”.  The steampunks control crucial parameters such as time, temperature and volume, making a cup of consistant brew each and every time; and they are the very first ones to be introduced into Malaysia.  The teas here are available hot or as cold brews.


The Early Grey cold brew (RM 12.90) is especially refreshing, being a little more intense than most of the Earl Greys I’ve tried.


The Apple & Elderflower (RM 14.90) is another popular fruity choice; imparting flavors of apples, elderflower and hibiscus.


Scotch Egg (RM 32.90) is among one of the signature dishes – a filling portion of two soft-boiled eggs coated with breaded chorizo beef; crusty and appetizing; but would have been better if the chorizo beef was a little spicier.  Cut the Scotch Eggs right and you’ll get a perfect picture for yolk porn.


The Salmon Papillote (RM 40.90) is another signature dish – finely presented in parchment wrap, elegant and scrumptious; with an added zing from the lemon caper sauce.

DSC_8872 DSC_8873

Chicken Linguine (RM 22.90) – it would be a favorite for pesto lovers for its energetic flavors of pesto.


The Earl Grey tea here is so good that Lancelot Tea Guild also incorporates it into one of its cakes – the Earl Grey Cake (RM 14.90), the most right in the picture below.  The cake is a decadent combination of Earl Grey cream, Earl Grey infused cake, bittersweet chocolate mousse and lemon custard.  The Mont Blanc (RM 14.90) on the far left is superb too, with a thin layer of raspberry jam at the bottom layer of the cake for a fruity accent ; while the cheesecake in the middle (RM 14.90) is what you would expect of a classic cheesecake – rich and creamy.

DSC_8934 DSC_8959

**With thanks to Momoko and her team for their hospitality.

More Information
Lancelot Tea Guild at Nadayu 28 Facebook
Address :  5 A Nadayu 28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11 / 7, Bandar Sunway.

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