Top 6 Things to Do in Bandung @ Indonesia

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Bandug Indonesia

Located in the highlands, the diverse city of Bandung keeps everyone happy with its cool climate, street food, beautiful sceneries and lots of shopping.  Here is a list of Top 6 Things to Do in Bandung.  

 1.  Visit Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih’s landscape and colors are surreal.  The crater lake is impossibly pastel-blue in color, while the yellowish-green soil is almost macha-like in texture and color.  Expect to see different colors of the lake such as green, blue or brown as the color changes according to concentration.  The soil in the area is also very good for your skin, often sold in small packets by  vendors waiting nearby the lake.

DSC_3367 DSC_3365 DSC_3348


2.  Visit Tangkuban Perahu

In a mythical legend, it was thought  the crater was caused by an “upturned boat”, or “Tangkuban Perahu” in Sundanese.  In the legend, a beautiful lady, Dayang Sumbi, sent her young son, Sangkuriang away for disobedience.  When he returned, the two did not recognize each other.  The fell in love and planned for a wedding.  Before the wedding, Dayang Sumbi recognized his birthmark and tried to stop the wedding from happening by setting Sangkuriang an impossible task – to build a dam across the Citarum River and a boat in one night.  Sangkuriang agreed, summoning demons to help him with the task.  When the task was close to completion, Dayang Sumbi asked the villagers to hold red cloths at the east, mimicking lights of sunrise.  Tricked into thinking that he did not complete the task on time, Sangkuriang kicked the unfinished boat, which resulted in the formation of the crater.


The crater is a gigantic one to walk around with fairly easy climbs of up up and down hills.

DSC_3154 DSC_3169

For more information, see Indonesia Tourism’s Official Website.

3.  Visit Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park fuses traditional Sundanese culture with nature.  A day at the compounds of Dusun Bamboo guarantees a day of fun and relaxation.


You could walk a short 300 m into the compound or take the floral mini van.


The compound has paddi fields, flower fields, bamboo forests and a gorgeous emerald lake surrounded by traditional villas.

DSC_3228 DSC_3225 DSC_3211DSC_3201

And as for dining, the nature-inspired set up along with delectable mix of Indonesian and Sundanese food is the best combo ever.

DSC_3188 DSC_3206

The most unique dining spot would be tree-top dining, in an egg-shaped structure resembling a nest.

DSC_3220 DSC_3217

For more information, see Dusun Bamboo’s Official Website


 4.  Watch an Angklunag Performance at Saung Angkluang Udjo

The vibrant performance is packed with multitude of colors, merriness and cultural excitement.  The show starts off with wooden puppet demonstration (Wayang Golek), traditional dances such as the mask dance and the peacock dance, and eventually becomes more and more interactive when every specatator is  given an angklung.


The angklung is an amusing traditional Indonesian musical instrument made of bamboo.  Depending on the size and the shape, every angklung  makes one specific note when rattled.

DSC_3438 DSC_3433

Each angklung comes with a sticker of a hand gesture and a number; mine was the gesture of a closed fist and number 1.  The audience was able to play simple songs like “Do-Re-Mi” (from The Sound of Music) with the angklung in our hands just by watching the hand gestures of the conductor.

DSC_3440 DSC_3441

Then things got a little more complicated when a music sheet was rolled out with more numbers on it !


The highlight of the show was at the end when the angklung orchestra was performed.   It was an eye-opener, seeing such simple instruments made of bamboo were put together to create phenomenal sounds.  The complex angklung-set played by the talented boy in yellow shirt resembles a piano (to me), and it was strange to see an unfamiliar instrument playing familiar songs like “We Are The World”.  I highly recommend the performance if you are visiting Bandung.  The daily performance starts at 3.30 pm and ends at 5 pm.


For more Information on Saung Angklung Udjo, see Saung Angklung Udjo Official Website

 5.  Eat Martabak

A particularly famous store to eat “martabak”would be at San Fancisco.  For Malaysian readers, Indonesia’s martabak is similar to our apom balik, but they have taken it to the next level to include more choices of stuffing like cheese and chocolate.  For others not familiar with either, imagine it as stuffed pancakes.  The martabak will kill your diet plans immediately with its uber-heaviness in cheese and chocolate.  But, that’s ok because your diet plan can wait while you only have one chance to eat it if you are in Bandung.

DSC_3541 DSC_3543

The savory version is decadent too with a crispy skin and aromatic egg-y filling !

DSC_3546 DSC_3547

For more information, see their official website San Francisco Martabak.

6.  Shop Till You Drop

Bandung is the home of many factory outlets.  It’s a popular shopping destination with Singaporeans and Malaysians because of the proximity and affordability.  If you have 3 days in Bandung and you spend all your 3 days on shopping, shopping and more shopping, that’s perfectly fine and nobody is judging.  Rumah Mode is a popular one to go to.  For a complete list of factory outlets, see 10 Factory Outlets in Bandung to Visit .  Picture Credit:



**With many thanks to the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia for organizing this trip.

For more information on travel in Indonesia, visit Tourism Indonesia’s Official Page.

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