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Indonesia Mount Bromo

Visiting Mount Bromo in Indonesia was a fascinating experience for me.  The active volcano sits amidst a sandy plain that’s the result of its own volcanic dust, forming a dessert-like landscape beneath the volcano.  Combined with jeep tours and horse riding, visiting Mount Bromo was like going on a safari expedition.   It’s not the tallest, but the easy accessibility and the Indiana-Jones-adventure-vibe makes this active volcano a popular attraction for both foreign and local visitors.

DSC_4858 DSC_4854
For the hotel, we stayed in Jiwa Jawa Resort which is the closest hotel you can get to Mount Bromo.  It’s especially ideal if you are planning to see  the sunrise because you’ll get the luxury of leaving the hotel at 3 am.  Most of the other hotels are much further away and you’ll have to leave at 1 am – which is kinda crazy isn’t it?

DSC_4867 DSC_4870
The tranquil hotel has comfortable rooms and good food (buffet dinner & buffet breakfast); I kinda wished we had more time at the hotel instead of just sleeping for a few hours before we had to wake up for sunrise.

We left our hotel at about 2.45 am to get to Mount Penanjakan to watch the sunrise over Mount Bromo.  It’s best if you could visit on a weekday because there’ll be less people but weekend was the only time we had, so it was extremely crowded with the jeeps, people and exhaust fumes.  Advisable to bring a mask.  It’s extremely cold up there especially when it’s so early in the morning (around 5 – 10 degrees celsius).  If you don’t have enough clothing, you’ll be able to find vendors selling gloves, hats and scarfs at Mount Penanjakan.  Dress warm and in layers so you could remove the layers later on.  You’ll have to do a short 15 – 20 minutes walk to the viewing platform if the jeeps are clogging up the road.

Just in case you get lost with your group, here is the contingency plan : keep walking to Cafe Baladewe that’s not too far away from the viewing platform, you could reunite again and of course have some coffee and snacks !

If you are still sleepy at this point, add one half of this chili into whatever your eating (banana fritters, cup noodles), you’ll sure be as awake as ever.

We weren’t in luck that day because it was foggy.  We only saw the sun and that was it.  But don’t let that discourage you because sunrise over Mount Bromo is absolutely gorgeous.

Mount Bromo Sunrise
My friend Cha Cha from   was lucky enough to see it and you should definitely take your chances to see this captivating view.

DSC_5070    DSC_5063
On the way down, the fog cleared up and finally we got to see the fuming Mount Bromo !

The jeep took us onto the sandy plain and at this point you could decide to walk or get a horse ride.

I went with the horse ride; it took about 15 minutes to get to the base of Mount Bromo.  Remember to bring a mask because it gets really dusty.

DSC_5132 DSC_5133DSC_5139
It was a fairly short but steep climb up to the crater, about 20 – 30 minutes.

A vendor selling flowers not too far away from the staircase.

DSC_5136DSC_5153Mount Bromo @ Indonesia 22
The higher you climb, the more bizarre everything becomes – jeeps, people and horses seem like little black ants, standing out against an undulating background in different shades of of grey.

DSC_5145  DSC_5160DSC_5180
Reaching the crater rim was like reaching the heart of the volcano – where it hisses and blows furious fumes at you.

Mount Bromo @ Indonesia 18
Mount Bromo @ Indonesia 20
The crater rim is also one the best places you could take the adventuresque photos, sitting or standing on the edge of the rim.

The first 100 meters or so of the crater rim is fenced.  But if you are adventurous enough, keep walking, and you’ll get to the point where there’s no more fencing, which looks really tempting but at the same time my palms were sweating just by looking at it, so getting to this part was good enough for me  🙂

Mount Bromo
Here is an accessibility chart for getting to Mount Bromo.

**With many thanks to the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia for organizing this trip.

For more information on travel in Indonesia, visit Tourism Indonesia’s Official Page.

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