Hello Kitty Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

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Malaysia Selangor Sunway

It’s true.  Hello Kitty gets her own cafe at Sunway Pyramid; the very first Hello Kitty Cafe to be established in the Asean region.  She’s been capturing hearts for the past few decades, and she continues to woo fans with coffee, macarons and everything kitty.  


The cafe sports a Kitty-Goes-to-Paris Theme, where you see Hello Kitty with iconic Parisian monuments while some of the food items are French-inspired.  Hello Kitty is with the Eiffel Tower;


Hello Kitty is wandering on the streets of Paris.

DSC_3033 DSC_3032

The most artistic one has got to be this piece – Hello Kitty with Eiffel Tower, Pantheon and Sacre Coeur, seemingly painted with coffee stains that drain into the coffee cup.



Hello Kitty maybe closer to you than you think.  She’s on the dining table, she’s on the chair, and she’s in the food too.


I thought what’s with the cuts when the Aubergines du Chocolat (RM 16.90) arrived on our table, before realizing that the aubergines are cut into the shape of Hello Kitty !  An unorthodox pairing of aubergines and chocolate, but the thin, crispy aubergine slices are delectable with the chocolate drizzle and walnuts !



The Lamb Ragout (RM 22.90) is perfectly executed with a splash of mint, presented in the shape of Hello Kitty’s bow tie.  For the pastas, the cafe offers an alternative portion of 2-4 servings (in the range of RM 27.90 to RM36.90) that’s suitable for bigger parties.

DSC_3056 DSC_3055

The Stuffed Chicken (RM 28.90) has a nutty crunch from the pistachio within, topped with an appetizing balsamic coulis.  The beetroot seems to be missing in action though; perhaps substituted by the carrots.


The dessert menu looks promising with Candy Floss Macaron Mountain (RM 33.90) and Strawberry Clouds (RM 20.90).  I can already imagine how gorgeous the dessert would look with all the cotton candy marshmallows, pink button chocolates and jelly beans as described on the menu.  Unfortunately we had to settle for for Churros with chocolate & strawberry dipping sauce (RM 16.90), because all the other items were unavailable.  The churros despite looking brown like any other churros, they are actually pink on the inside; a bit meh though.


The cafe has two floors.  The ground floor is where the coffee bar is with whimsical pastel couches and floor tiles; of course the bar had to be Kittisized.




Some Kitty treats are found here – cupcakes and cake pops.


Other sections on the ground floor.

DSC_3001  DSC_3030

The first floor is where the macaron bar is and has an impressive private dining area that parents would totally want to hold birthday parties for their little girls.

DSC_3018 DSC_3025


Other sections on the first floor.

DSC_3015 DSC_3016 DSC_3007

Overall the food is decent (except the churros maybe).  Pricing at the first glance seems reasonable, mostly in the range of RM 19 – RM 25 for food items, and RM 5.90 to RM 14.90 for drinks; no GST and no 10 % Service Charge (at the moment).  But food portions are small, ordering main course alone may not suffice.  Since the cafe is still new, servicing is chaotic with a long waiting time.  We waited 20 minutes to get a seat, another one hour before the food slowly arrived on our table one by one, taking a total time of 2.5 hours to eat our dinner – I guess you could call that another special French element of the cafe.  Hopefully these two things will improve over time.



More Info : Pork Free
Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid Facebook
Address : Sunway Pyramid (next to Cafe Bene)
Opening Hours : 10 am – 10 pm.
Pricing : No GST, no 10 % Service Charge (at the moment).




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      I happened to be there when it opened so I decided to pop in. Yes the wait was long ….. 20 minutes to get a table, one hour for the food…..

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