Magnum Cafe Malaysia @ Mid Valley Mall

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Mid Valley Mall

Magnum Cafe at Mid Valley opens a world of wonders with its artisanal ice cream for ice-cream lovers.  The cafe could not be more appropriately adorned with giant bling bling magnums hanging on the wall.  


The cafe has two floors.  You could grab a magnum at RM 9.90 at the lower floor.  To dine at the upper floor, you’d have to order at least one plated desserts or one cafe food item.

DSC_1558 DSC_1559

For the adventurous, try making your own magnum.  The toppings range from crazy things like asam jawa, gojo berries, chili flakes to classic topping such as nuts and crushed oreos.


Even if you not keen on making your own, that’s ok because Magnum’s signature combinations will wow you away.  We had the Black Forest (RM 9.90) – an peculiar chocolate brownie ice cream topped with goji berries, petite marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies with a drizzle of white chocolate.


Since we sat on the upper floor, we had to order one plated dessert – the Magnum Soup (RM 25).  The classic vanilla ice cream is adorned with goji berries and almonds.  The rice crackers next to the ice cream seemed a bit odd at first, but it all cohered when the soy-bean milk was poured in.  Comparing what I received to the menu photo, I think there is one element missing; nutty crackers of some sort.  I was a little disappointed because the complete ensemble would have been drop-dread-gorgeous.

DSC_1567 DSC_1568 DSC_1572

Magnum Cafe’s menu consists of some darn-amazing-looking plated desserts – like this one, Magnum Galaxy (RM 33).  I think I’ll have to double check to see if all elements are available before I order it the next time round !


Magnum Cafe’s interior at the upper floor.


More Info
Magnum Cafe Malaysia Facebook
Address : Mid Valley Mall
Opening Hours: 10 am – 10 pm




  1. ShopGirl

    I’m already pretty happy with a plain old Magnum from the convenience store but these jazzed-up customisable Magnums look like fun and at RM9.90 only cost a little more for a sit-down experience to boot. I need to find some time to stop by but Mid Valley on weekends is a crowded nightmare 🙁

    1. KJ @ Post author

      I think RM 9.90 is a reasonable price. Just go earlier on the weekends to avoid the big crowd 🙂

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