Merchant’s Lane @ Petaling Street, KL

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Chinatown Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Talk about hidden cafes, Merchant’s Lane at the very end of Petaling Street might not be easy to find as there’s hardly any signage except for a little mirror that’s placed above the pastel-blue door.  Look out for Advanced Tertiary College (ATC) that’s right next to it for a better landmark.  Once you’ve found it, it’ll be love at first sight.  


The first floor cafe has incorporated elements of Petaling Street; where rattan chairs, incense-like lights and shabby walls all come together elegantly, made more vibrant with potted plants here and there.  The cafe is long and divided into three sections.  The vertically spacious first section is bright with checkered, angular black and white ceilings.

DSC_1376 DSC_1371

The second a faux al-fresco section where plants and crawling roots provide a rustic space.  Part of the floor is made of perforated metal; sit through your meal on top of that if you dare.

DSC_1389   DSC_1392

The third section whimsical with spiral incense and lovely peony paintings.

DSC_1393   DSC_1396

The Italian Chow Mein (RM 23) is the perfect fusion of East and West, a toothsome spaghetti aglio oilo with a kick from the chili flakes, topped with lemongrass-infused chicken rendang.

Merchant's Lane Cafe @ Petaling Street, KL 3

The “Eat Die Me” (RM 26) already suggests the generous portion from its name.  Generally decent but the hash browns and the creamed corn were a miss.

Merchant's Lane Cafe @ Petaling Street, KL 7 Merchant's Lane Cafe @ Petaling Street, KL 6

Hot chocolate @ RM 12.

Merchant's Lane Cafe @ Petaling Street, KL 5

Other items on Merchant’s Lane’s menu consists of fusion dishes such as itadakimas pancake – a Japanese-inspired pancake made of yee mee (RM 20), chicken tender salad served with chili mayo & jackfruit (RM 17)  and slow-cooked Hongkie beef stew (RM 19).


More Info
Merchant’s Lane Facebook
Address : No. 150, Jalan Petaling, KL, Malaysia.
Opening Hours : 10.30 am – 6 pm.  Closed on Wednesdays.




    1. KJ @ Post author

      Thanks Lattemama. This one gets packed during the weekend (when I went), so be there early if you want to avoid waiting 🙂

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