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Making a FotoZzoom Photobook has never been easier with the design service provided for free.  I am a big fan of photobooks because I have too many photos and I am paranoid about losing them.  Keeping my memories in hard copies would be be the best way to go.  Recently, I tried making a photobook with FotoZzoom.  When I received the photobook, I could not believe it was something that I spent a mere 15 minutes on. (You can find out more about FotoZzoom’s free design service here).

DSC_0556 DSC_0562
The book was neatly packed in cardboard box, bubble wrap and a thin layer of paper.  The more excitement there is the more time you spend unwrapping the box !

I could not be more pleased when my France 2012 album was presented in front of me ! I’ve been wanting to make this album for ages (as you can see, three years have passed before I finally made it).  If you’ve made one from scratch, you would know that the devil is in the detail and how time consuming it is to add a frame to a photo, or to change the background color of a page, or to add captions, or to reposition the photos.  15 minutes with FotoZzoom and all that was taken care of.

The photobook size is a “mini” (8 inches x 6 inches), which is about half the size of a magazine (RM 73 for 30 pages).  I’ve got loads of photos from France, so it took me a while to choose 80 of them for the book.  Once that was done, all I had to do was to spend 15 minutes on entering my particulars (name, address, email, etc), upload the photos, and the rest was history.

DSC_0570 DSC_0581DSC_0566
FotoZzoom’s in-house designers did the hard work to deliver the book while I  just had to wait for the book to arrive.  I think the designer has a good eye too, picking out the perfect ones for cover photos, and picking out ones that deserve its own page.  Just follow the few easy steps below and your photobook will be on its way to your door step in no time !

Step 1 : Choose your photobook design (in my case, I chose Special Day).  You have an option to choose the book to be designed for you for free, OR, you can choose to design your own.

Photo Zoom 6

Step 2: Choose your photobook size & finishing; name your album.

Photo Zoom 1



Photo Zoom 2

Step 4 : Upload your pictures, or simply provide a dropbox link.

Photo Zoom 3

Here are my uploaded photos; do note that if you have photos bigger than 8 MB, they will not be uploaded so you’ll have to resize to make it smaller.

Photo Zoom 4

5.  Make payment.   A confirmation email will be sent to you.

Photo Zoom 5

6.  In 4- 6 working days, a link will be sent to you to preview the book online.  If everything is good to go, confirm it and that’s it ! The preview is available for 48 hours before it is automatically sent for printing.

Photo ZOom 7

If you would like to make some changes (such as use a different frame, or add a caption), leave a comment in the comment box that’s attached to every page.  Another draft will be sent to you in 4-6 days time for approval.  Still want to change a few things ? That’s ok, because you get a total of two rounds of reviews so you can make sure everything is perfect.

Photo Zoom 8

Here are a few more shots of my photobook below 🙂

DSC_0587  DSC_0586  DSC_0582 DSC_0572   DSC_0584

**This post is brought to you by FotoZzoom

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